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Saving a Little Money on Tuesday

Breakfast this morning was an egg and an avocado before I went to a doctor appointment.

While I was out I decided to do many errands along my route so as to save as much gasoline as possible. I went to the hospital that I was recently in to pick up copies of my X-rays and CT scans to bring to my neurosurgeon next week. I stopped at the President’s office while I was at the hospital to deliver a letter about the wonderful care that I got from 2 nurses and 2 PCA’s. I also asked her to deliver the Thank You notes and $25. grocery store gift cards that I purchased for each of them to them. I had planned on giving them to the CEO but I was told his office is downtown Buffalo. I am not up to making that trip right now.

I stopped at our town hall to take the application that my doctor signed this morning for a disability parking permit. I never thought I would see the day I would need one but this back and nerve problem has changed that.

I picked up my $100. replacement gift card.

The last errand was to Top’s to grocery shop some of the loss leaders. It was Senior Discount Day so I got 6% off all of it. This is what I got at Top’s: 2 Porterhouse Steaks on B1G1 sale- $ 21.05 for both of them, 1 lb. bacon -$3.99 with Super Coupon, 5lb. of potatoes – $ 2.48 with Super Coupon, 3 large cantaloupe – 3/$10., 2 Monterey Jack Cheese – $ 5.98 for both, and 2 Shredded Swiss Cheese – $ 4.69 for both with a Super Coupon. Total after the 6% senior discount was $ 45.30.

We have been craving a steak but didn’t want to pay full price for one. This was the deal I had been hoping for. These will make a total of 4 meals for us. Whenever I can get bacon for $ 3.99, I buy it. The cheeses were the only things I was missing for a recipe I am making tomorrow night. You can’t have steak without a potato. These will be kept in a basket in my cool basement so they last the winter. These are the same cantaloupes that we were eating earlier this week. Hubby wanted some more. So I obliged.

We are having an eat what you want dinner. Hubby is fixing fish sticks and coleslaw. I am eating homemade fried chicken that was in our freezer. I will have a salad with it. The fish and chicken will get heated up in the air fryer. This meal will be easy because I overdid it today. I am very tired and going to bed after I talk to my sister on our weekly chat.

Did you save any money today?

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Hi Precious. I had older granddaughter all day today. She goes back to school tomorrow. We ate lunch at home instead of going out. Hubby is saving some money tonight. He is going out to get some birthday and Valentine’s Day cards and is going to the Dollar Tree. His mom’s birthday is Friday and the card needs to go out tomorrow. I made chicken, vegetable and rice soup for supper with homemade cranberry muffins. I used ingredients we had on hand and made the soup in the crock pot so I didn’t have to keep track of it with my granddaughter here. Supper was delicious and we have some good leftovers for later in the week.

Hi Chris,

I am sure you enjoyed your granddaughter. 🙂

I love Dollar Tree cards. In January, I go and buy all of the cards I need for the year. I can’t get them cheaper anywhere else and their cards are really nice. I can smell your soup cooking. LOL! Yum. Love those muffins too.

I just did a quick stop at the grocery store for eggs, 18ct 8.59, 3pk romaine 2.50, 1- tomato and 1-Braunschweiger, of course nothing was signed correctly (braunschweiger) it was on sale and I would’ve gotten more.
Found Shelby’s prescription food cheaper at by 17.00 a case. This is new for her so I didn’t mind paying the vet prices for the first case
I did have some food waste from Chris being in the hospital on and off for a week, but that’s ok. Always looking to do better

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