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Things We Have Done Today To Save A Little Money

Fed Ex picked up the blanket that I am returning to Walmart(free shipping) so that I will get my refund.

Hubby ordered an end cap at 15% off for our Dyson vacuum cleaner to repair it. It came today and he fixed it.

I got my property tax bill today and it was just under $4900. It increased by $753. in a year because of the increase in assessment. Between this bill and the school tax bill of $6111. last September, we are paying $11, 011 in taxes for a year which is a huge amount. Fortunately, I can pay it this week because we budget for our taxes all year so the money is set aside. I will have to up our 2023 budget to $12,500. for these taxes or about $ 1042. a month.

I ordered 2 sets of sheets for each of our new adjustable beds. Two of the sets were on clearance marked down from $30. to $ 14.80 each. I had reward points of a $1.00 at Walmart that I put toward that purchase. I went through Rakuten to get a 3% rebate. The other 2 sets I purchased at Amazon. They are cooling sheets that Hubby wanted to try. They were $ 30. each which I paid with an Amazon gift card. I will earn Amazon reward points for this purchase. I will also earn reward points by using my credit card for the Walmart purchase. These were necessities since we have no Twin XL sheets. Next I will have to look for a good deal on blankets.

We had leftover scrambled eggs and ham. I put cheese on them and quickly heated them in the microwave. Then I put them in a low carb wrap with sour cream and salsa, just like yesterday. It was a yummy breakfast!

Dinner will be bean soup which was absolutely delicious last night. I froze the leftover soup for a couple of other meals.

Entertainment tonight will be the Buffalo Bills vs. Bengals game. Go Bills! I never used to watch football but this year I have truly taken a liking to it. I even watched most of the college bowl games with Hubby this past week. Some of them were truly exciting!

I cleaned the garbage disposal drain today. I hate it when it starts to smell. I put baking soda down it and let it sit for a while. Then I add vinegar and run it for a minute or so. I also took the drain filter and the spray arm in the bottom of the dishwasher out and cleaned all of that up with soapy water. Maintaining appliances saves you money in the long run.

Lights have been off most of the day even though it is dreary here.

We caught up on Yellowstone today on the Paramount Network which is free for us.

I purchased a $100. gift card this Christmas. When I opened the strip on it, part of the gift card code was missing. I called the company who the card was for and they told me to take it to where I bought it for a replacement. The manager of the store said it is a 3rd party vendor card and they couldn’t do anything about it. But he took the card and said he would look into it. He called me today and told me that someone had activated the card and spent all of the money on it. I don’t know how they did this when there was a bad code and no one had scratched off what they needed to activate it. This gift card came sealed in cardboard. Unless it was done by someone at the company who put the $100. on it when it was activated through the store’s register where I bought it. I believe the manager knows more about how this happened than he was telling me. But they are going to make good on it. They have a new card to give to me. Luckily, I am not out $100. I will never buy a gift card again. In this economy, there are way too many people stealing. UGH!

Did you save any money today?

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Hi Precious. Wow, your property/school taxes are very high. I will be paying ours later in the month. They should be around $3500 per half, with the other half due in June. I save all year for them like you do. Our county is doing a reassessment this year so I hate to see how much they will go up.

Hubby and I went to the after Christmas sales at Target and Meijer this morning. Both stores were 70% off and the wrapping paper at Target was .50/roll. We got 6 rolls. At Meijer I found the tissue paper I was wanting for .89. I also got some things I wasn’t necessarily looking for, but were things we will use/gifts for next year: treat bags, an extension cord for the Christmas tree so you can turn it on with your foot, some neckerchiefs for our grand doggies next Christmas, some little things for the girls to open for their birthdays to go with their birthday $$$, and we saw a blow up Olaf that was $13.xx and decided to get for my sister who loves him and has the largest burden with care for our mom since she is in town. We spent $41.xx for everything we got and I was very happy that we mostly steered clear of the candy. LOLOL!

Updated the business books to be able to file taxes on time, noticed that QuickBooks has a lower level option saving 25.00/month.
Updated both checkbooks to prevent Chris from overspending (I deduct all the monthly bills out ahead of time)
Stopped drinking soda at 2 per my monthly goal
Working on portion control (used a smaller dish for my pm snack)
Would love to watch the Bills tonight but we have horrible issues with ESPN buffering constantly.
It’s been an enjoyable 4 day weekend but back to work tomorrow

Hi Patti,

Nice savings on the Quickbooks. Yeah on kicking the soda addiction. I did that a number of years back.

One of our players was injured in the first quarter of the game and is in critical condition in the medical center in Cincinnati. We are praying that he recovers. The game was suspended indefinitely. It was devastating to watch on live TV.

I hope you have a terrific work week.

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