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Our Electric and Natural Gas Bill for 32 days Was A Shocker!

I slept really well last night, so I woke up at 5am and have been trying to catch up on some paperwork. Now that I have my second cup of coffee for the day, I felt like posting about our recent electric and natural gas bill. It was a real shocker! You know that I always try to do my best to keep this bill down and close to last year’s even though costs have gone up.

Well, here is the breakdown of our December 20, 2022 bill which was for 32 days.. Our electric bill was $ 91.51 for 554 KWH. Our natural gas bill was for 133 ccfs. which they converted to 4 therms for billing purposes. The gas bill was $ 181.64. Then they added some fees and taxes which made the entire bill $ 274. 01. YIKES!

Now let’s compare it to the same bill for last year. The December 2021 bill was for 32 days also. Our electric bill was $ 74.27 for 517KWH. Our natural gas bill was 122 ccfs which also converted to 4 therms for billing purposes. The gas bill was $ 140.36. After the taxes and fees, the total bill was $215.59.

So our electric bill jumped only 37 KWH from Dec of 2021 to Dec 2022. We had company during that billing period but that is not much of a difference for that happening. Maybe a few TV’s or lights. Nothing spectacular. However the total electric bill went up $ 17.24. That tells me the electric rates are getting more expensive. Our natural gas bill for using the same amount of billed therms as last year was a total of $181.64. Last years bill was $140.36. So for the same amount of billable natural gas for the same number of days, we paid $ 41.28 more. Wow! These gas rates are going up rapidly and this is just the beginning of our high bills. There is a lot more winter left. The only things that we use natural gas for is our heating and gas stove. There is not much we can do but stop using the gas stove for the rest of the season. Cook in electric small appliances and cook a few meals at once so that we can just heat them quickly in the microwave. Our heat goes way down at night and does not come back up up to the 71 degrees that we keep it at until 8am in the morning. I am sitting here writing to you wrapped in a blanket because it only 64 in here. During the night it goes down to 62 degrees and starts increasing about now to get to the 71 degrees. I suppose we could turn the heat off but we would freeze to death. We could turn it down a degree or two but Hubby would freeze. I am just hoping we don’t lose heat this weekend in this snow storm because they are predicting massive winds up to 60 miles per hour which will probably take some lines down with trees falling on them.

We will continue to keep doing what we are doing to keep the usage low but we can’t do anything about the delivery and supply charges. So if you haven’t seen your monthly bill for November to December, get ready for it! The media and the government told us the prices would be up. They weren’t kidding. All of this could be stopped if the President turned our own oil pipelines back on and let them drill for more oil here. Their climate agenda is ridiculous. Solar will never work and will be so expensive that no one can afford it. There is not enough electric power in our grid to handle all of that. It will be a great big failure! In the meantime, we are all paying the prices for their incompetence. So get ready for 2023. Things are not going to get any better!

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We got our bill the other day too. Oh MY!! You’re not kidding, it jumped way up. Our bill increased about as much as your did. We are paying $322 this month. We have electric and natural gas. Like you we only use gas for heating and stove/oven. We have not been using our main oven, only using our large toaster oven, and will continue to do so. We also have a microwave and 2 crockpots that we use a lot. We use the stove top minimally. We keep our heat at 70 degrees during the day and I turn it down at night to 60 degrees. Our house is about 1300 sq ft so it is rather small. Downstairs there are 2 zones and upstairs there are 2 zones. If I only turn up the heat in the living room it keeps the entire downstairs at a comfortable temp. The rest of the downstairs is set to 65 degrees. We do bundle up in sweaters, robes, blankets, etc. so that helps too. Upstairs we keep at 65 degrees and turn the temp up in the bathroom (on a separate zone) when we need to take a shower and then we turn it back down to 65 again. The only time I use our electric clothes dryer is for bulky items like bedding or bathrobes. The rest of our clothing gets dried on racks. In warmer weather we dry outside. The only thing I can think of to help lower the bill even a little bit is to gradually decrease the thermostat to see how low we can go without feeling like we are freezing. I have a feeling it won’t be that much lower than it is now. My husband is on a lot of medicines and as a result he is always cold. I don’t want us to suffer because of the idiots in government.

Hi Mary,

Yikes! These toaster ovens do a lot more than I even thought they were cable of. I cooked 2 turkey tenderloins for my family on Monday in there. Like you I am finding not using the stove top is significant. I use my electric fry pan when I can. I wish we could lower the thermostat some more but Hubby would freeze. But now that our family has gone home, I think I will close the vents in those two bedrooms and put snakes in front of those doors. I also hang a lot of clothes to dry. I agree wholeheartedly with you last statement.

Just got my bill yesterday. Last month = $110. This month = $228. My home is almost all electric, but I have a propane fireplace on each floor that I use for primary heat. Electric was 100% increase in rate, environmental fees, and surcharges……not increase in usage.


Hi Precious, we got the gas bill today and it was $186.47. It was for 35 days. The meter was read on Dec 28 and that was after the coldest days here from the holiday storm. I will come back and post when the electric bill comes, it should be in the next week-10 days. I was shocked by the bill, but partly prepared since yours was so high.

Precious, we keep our house at 68 daytime and 62 at night. Remember this is just the gas part, we haven’t gotten electric yet. I think our gas bill was similar to or maybe a little less than yours since it was 35 vs 32 days and ours had the very cold days included, not sure if yours did?

Hi Precious. We got our electric bill for today and it was 106.19. So for both gas and electric it was 292.66. So more than yours. But we did have the really cold days in our bills.

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