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I’m Still Here

Just wanted to let you know that I am still here but just not posting at the moment. My Hubby had a heart attack last Monday. I was finally able to bring him home from the hospital this afternoon.

So I will be a focusing my attention on him the next week or two and the changes we have to make around here. Then hopefully I will be back regularly.

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I’ve been there, so I know how you feel. Five years ago my husband had a heart attack and underwent a quadruple bypass. Recovery was slow going, and every little thing scared us, but he is now fine. You and your husband will get through this, though it will take time.

Hi Mary,

Thanks for you kindness. I am glad your Hubby is doing well. My Hubby had the same quadruple bypass 19 years ago. I remember how hard that was for him. His heart attack is related to that. One of the bypasses is blocked and one is restricted. The other two are open and fortunately the blocked ones are not the widow maker. They are treating him with meds and he is on a special diet.

The saddest part is that he has to work occasionally. I can’t do it. So we rely on him. It’s just a few days a month and the team he works with takes good care of him. They won’t let him lift a thing. Thank God!

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