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I Caught a Chicken Sale and thought……………

Top’s had a sale on chicken breasts this week for $ 2.49 a lb. I was only able to get one package on Sunday even though the limit was three. My plan had been to can it. So I went back yesterday morning and they had none. I asked one of the people to check the back for me to see if they had any. He said he would but that they didn’t get any on Tuesday either. He came back and said they did not get any in and he didn’t know if they would get anymore in on another day. So I was not about to wait.

I went to Walmart which is just a block away to see if they had any chicken. They had plenty at $ 2.99 a lb. I grabbed 3 packages and was happy to pay the price since I had my canning equipment laid out all over my kitchen.

I put two breasts in the freezer because Hubby wants to make chicken pineapple kabobs to cook on the grill later this week. Then I proceeded to cut most of the rest of it into chunks. I did the cold raw pack method and canned 12 pint jars. My Instant Pot Max only does 4 jars at a time so I was canning most of the morning and afternoon. After I had filled all of the jars, I had 3 and 1/2 breasts left(not enough for another batch) so I froze them for other meals.

They turned out perfectly and all of them sealed. After washing the outsides of all of my jars and dating them, I put them in my storage. They will be so handy for casseroles, stir fries, soups, etc.

Canned chicken has risen so high in price that I am not buying it. The amount of chicken that they are putting in the cans now has been reduced. I opened a 12.5 oz. can to make chicken salad sandwiches for brunch this week and there was more liquid than chicken in it. So it is no longer worth buying for the price they are asking.

When I can catch another sale under $ 2.99 for chicken I will buy some more to can. But I don’t know when we will have those prices again. UGH! Since I have all my jars that I purchased the last two years and all of the equipment I need to can, it is much cheaper for me to do chicken that way. Plus, I don’t have to rely on my freezer if I do it this way.

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Hi Precious, that is some good canning. I haven’t done much other than the freezer jam or the stuff hubby cans from his garden, like the pickles. I will have to ask him if he thinks we should do this. He is going to work on the watering system for his garden this weekend.

Hubby has been composting for several years now and it has really helped. Son has raised beds. We don’t have. Hubby took out some bushes on south side of house in back for tomatoes and things that need sun. He has been using the compost there. It is a miracle thing.

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