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Packaging Basics Today

Since Hubby and I have been making our own bread, we decided to get a couple extra bread flours since wheat will be in short supply this year. I used my food saver to make it air tight. That way I do not have to freeze it first. I just put the flour right into the bag I made from a roll and no eggs can hatch without air. It also needs no oxygen absorber which cuts down on the cost of storing it. Then I put them into a covered bin until I need to open another one. I have never had an issue since I have been doing it this way.

Sugar will be in short supply soon too since so many countries have decided not to export it. I need it for most breads and for any other baking I need to do. So I got this 25 lb. bag before the price goes up again. I will put this in a 5 gallon bucket with NO oxygen absorber. Never put one in sugar because the sugar will turn hard as a rock. The sugar keeps nicely in the bucket.

If you do a lot of baking for Thanksgiving and Christmas, you might want to think about getting some now.

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Hi Precious. Interesting thoughts about the flour and sugar you stocked up on. I have a bunch of sugar in my stockpile that we will be using this weekend to make the freezer jam. I got the Certo recently. It was out at my regular store, but the second store I checked had plenty. I was so relieved. We are going tomorrow to pick the strawberries.

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