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Our Summer Vacation

We went to the Adirondacks to my son’s home to visit with he and Alexa, my granddaughter. We cherish every minute with them. We had not seen them since the end of December. It is getting harder and harder for Hubby and I to drive there. It is very difficult for my son to come visit us. He holds a full time job and owns a business. All of that takes up a lot of his time. He is so busy that I really don’t know how he juggles it all.

We had a wonderful week and spent a lot of time with them because my son took the week off from his full time job. We did a lot of eating out which I had budgeted for as part of our vacation budget . We celebrated Alexa’s 15th birthday. She picked a nice restaurant called The Wishing Well for dinner one night. Her Dad had this custom birthday ice cream cake made for her with her 2 choices of ice cream, cookie dough bites, oreo bits, chocolate crumbles, etc. It was the best ice cream cake that I have ever eaten.

We did save some money on the drive by exiting the Toll Thruway at Amsterdam and taking the back roads north into the Adirondacks instead of exiting in Albany. We also drove straight through the entire 4 and 1/2 hours and didn’t stop for a fast food lunch. My son had cold cuts, cheese, rolls and specialty bread ready and waiting for us. Coming back home we did not stop to eat either. I made us a light lunch when we got home.

My son has become quite the great host. We feel so welcomed when we are at his home. We all watched movies in the evenings. Anything we needed he had. It was a very stress free time for all of us which I really appreciate when we are away from home. We just enjoyed each others company immensely. We also enjoyed a fire in his firepit one evening. It is so peaceful and quiet where he lives.

I love spending time with Alexa. She is so mature now and such a delight to chat with. And of course there were lots of hugs. It is hard to believe that 15 years have passed since she was born. I also started blogging that year. Time just flies!

Now that we are home, I need to catch up on mail, laundry, cleaning, some organizing, my garden, etc.

So I should be back in a day or two with a saving money post. I hope your families all had a nice Father’s Day.

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Hi Precious. I am glad you had such a good time with Alexa and your son. It sounds like a really nice trip. The picture of the ice cream cake looks yummy. I can’t believe it has been 15 years since you started your first blog. I started reading it the next year, in 2008. So, almost the whole time you have been blogging. I was a lurker for a long time, but am glad I got up my courage to post a comment one day. I have appreciated your encouragement, mentoring and friendship to me so much through the years of our son in college, car purchases, job changes, daughter’s wedding, moving, the wonderful day when we paid off our house, and now we have grandchildren too. And in a few years will be retired like you.

This morning I was going to Meijer to pick up my free prescription, so I decided to combine trips and also stopped at a few other places. First I went to Big Lots to check the clearance, but didn’t buy anything. In the same shopping center is Dollar Tree, where I had a few things on my list. I got some bubbles to play outside, some birthday cards for upcoming birthdays, some bleach (wow, it has shrunk to 1/2 gallons and 1.25 now since the last time I bought), and in the toy section they had these generic base plates that are supposed to work with Legos, so I bought one to try. I then went to the local upscale Goodwill that is in the same shopping center as Meijer to look for some shorts for hubby, but didn’t find any. While I was at Meijer to get my prescription, I shopped the 10/10 sale and bought a few other things that we needed. Little granddaughter’s birthday is coming up so I checked the toy section and got her a play ball with Anna and Elsa from Frozen on it to go with her birthday money we usually give. It was a pretty productive morning.

Hi Chris,

Thank you so much! That is very kind of you. I have also enjoyed our friendship.

You had a very productive shopping trip. I haven’t bothered to buy bleach since shrinkflation. I was only getting it in case of a water emergency and it loses it’s strength after about 6 months. So now I have potable water tablets. Nice gift to go with her birthday money.

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