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How I Save on Groceries

Unless you live under a rock, you know that prices have risen rapidly in the past year. We have all been paying a lot more for food and many other products. Because of this, I have been shopping differently this year.

I always try to find a great sale. I scan the flyers each week to see what has a rock bottom price that week. For example, this week Top’s had Newman’s Peach Salsa on sale for $ 2.00 each. If you purchased 5, you got 100 gas points. Gasoline here is $3.46 a gallon. That 100 points equates to $ .10 off for each gallon on a fill up. We love this peach salsa so I bought 5. I have not been able to find a recipe that replicates it.

The only other thing I got was a 1 lb. container of strawberries. By using a Super coupon, I was able to buy them for $ 2.99. Most of the strawberries in my markets have been rotten the past couple of months. But these actually looked good and the price was right. We love a few strawberries or blueberries for a sweet treat. I have plenty of blueberries in the freezer. I froze them when they were in season this past August.

I did not make a special trip to buy these 6 items. I had other errands to run and Top’s happened to be on my route.

We no longer get the newspaper so I don’t get the printed coupons. But most of them I can find online. The majority of them are not for products that I use. But if there is one I will print it and match it up with a sale before it expires. For the first time in a couple of years, I found coupons in the market. They were $1./2 Green Giant Riced Veggies. I took a few to use when they go on sale because we do use these.

I use Fetch and Ibotta to save also. Fetch is so easy and I can use it to get $25. Walmart gift cards which I use for groceries. All you have to do is scan your receipt. Ibotta is not as user friendly so I use it less frequently. But if they have a free item after rebate, I will look for it when I go to the market.

It’s been hard to keep up a price book with prices rising so rapidly. However I do my best to update it when I see a new price. I also still have a great memory so I pretty much know what prices are at a any give time. That way if I spot a deal in the market, I grab it.

Meat has been the biggest issue in my area. I saw a package of Nathan’s hot dogs the other day for $ 9.00. We love them but I will not be buying them any time soon. I refuse to pay that for them. The cheapest meats in our area have been chicken and ground beef. Whenever Aldi’s puts the organic ground beef on sale in the 3 pack for $ 4.49 a lb., I purchase a few. I can get regular ground beef here for $ 2.99 a lb. but it looks and tastes awful. Chicken has been under $2.00 a lb. so we have been buying a lot of that recently. However, with the bird flu rearing it’s ugly head in the U.S., I would not be surprised if they start ordering the killing of chickens and then there will be a real shortage and the prices will skyrocket if you can even find it. I can’t tell you when the last time was that I purchased any other meat. It’s been a long time.

I am always on the look out for reduced price meat. However, these days I don’t see much. Many months ago I found sausages at Niagara Produce on reduced price so I bought a few packages. However I have seen none since. If I do and it is something we eat, I would not hesitate to purchase it and freeze or can it.

I am researching local farms because we are seriously considering ordering a half of a cow to be picked up this fall.

We only buy fresh produce when it is on sale. Lately, we have been sticking to the basics like lettuce, carrots, celery, onions, potatoes, apples, and cabbage. We love simple salads and Hubby loves to make a coleslaw that is more like a Waldorf salad with apples and walnuts. Apples and cabbage have been in season. I have 10 lbs. of carrots that I got on a sale a while ago. I have some in the fridge and I canned some slices. We use a lot of onions and carrots in different recipes like casseroles, soups and stews. Onions and potatoes I buy in 10 lb. bags at the produce store. Apples we buy in bulk quantities there also. I love cooking up onions and apples to put on pork ribeye chops. I have freeze dried green and red peppers in a #10 can that I use in dishes like Spanish rice, etc. I also use frozen peppers for stir fry.

Dairy products are purchased at Aldi’s 90% of the time. They have the best prices here. We use heavy whipping cream and half and half, butter, eggs, cream cheese, milk and sour cream. I purchased all of our butter for a year when they had it on sale during Thanksgiving.

We also purchase all of our cheeses and most of our deli meats there. Hubby enjoys provolone on sandwiches and we love ham, turkey, roast beef, pastrami, pepperoni and salami on different charcuterie boards. I buy cheeses to snack on or shred with our Kitchen Aid.

Many, many items we have been buying in bulk at our Amish store and Gordon’s Restaurant Supply. Flour, sugars, oatmeal, spices, green olives, dried fruits, nuts, and maple syrup are so much cheaper than the market prices. If you store them correctly, they keep a long time. Hubby makes the best granola with some of these items.

One of the ways we have been saving on groceries is by eating the proper portions. Your body only needs food to live. With prices so high and shortages everywhere, it does not hurt to start rationing your food. Some of the markets have done it by setting limits on what you can purchase. You can do it at home and make your food last longer. I believe that shortages will continue and prices will escalate even more.

We also eat every morsel of food that we buy. There is no waste in this household. I refuse to burn up money by throwing food out. If you can’t use it all up before, it goes bad, freeze it or can it.

We are now making any food that we can from scratch. Hubby has been making cocktail sauce, tartar sauce, our salad dressings, etc. Any condiment that we are running out of and that we have the ingredients for he makes.

We don’t eat a lot of bread and rolls but we are making what we do eat. We have a bread maker so it makes it easier. Although it you don’t, there are many recipes out on google for bread that you just put together and bake. No kneading necessary. We are getting low on tortillas also, so they will be the next thing I will try my hand at making.

Make your own desserts and yogurt which is easy to make in a pressure cooker. Eat fruit for a sweet treat instead of junk food. Junk food prices are outrageous!

Lastly we just don’t buy an item that we feel has risen too high in price. We have our limits on what we are willing to pay. Soda, many meats, and other items are off our list today.

I have much more I could say on this topic but I will leave that for another day. What are you doing differently now when buying your groceries? Feel free to leave a comment.

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Hi Precious, great post. With the pandemic I have been limiting my trips to the store this month and we are eating up what we have here. I am starting to see some shortages here. This week I was going to replenish my coffee filters, but had no luck at Meijer. I will keep looking. I started the last 50 in the pack I have so it is not an urgent need.

I have noticed this month that here chicken has not been on sale at all. I did buy some boneless/skinless breasts one week for $2.19/lb which was not awful, but not as good as the usual 1.99 or less sale price. Whole chickens are on regular price for 1.19/lb so I may start buying more of those. In 2 mos we will have 1/4 a cow ready from one of hubby’s coworkers. I will let you know the price when we get it, but it was better than the stores, I know that. So will be eating out of the freezer to make room. Daughter has a freezer also so we will share and store some of the meat there too. The sale on eggs for .97/18 at Kroger is coming at a time when I need them, the past few times I have had to pay $2 for 12. Just crazy how the prices are going up. We do like you and eat in season produce to keep the cost down.

This week I made a big pot of chicken and homemade noodles on the coldest day. I had some carcasses I had saved in the freezer and used them to make homemade broth, then picked the meat off. I made 3 eggs worth of noodles and we had enough for last night, tonight with our kids, and leftovers for all. They were so good.

Finally, I wanted to mention that I made flour tortillas once with our daughter. It was interesting, but I thought it was a lot of work. I try to watch for when the tortillas are .99/package and stock up then. The LaBanderita brand at Kroger and Meijer is fine for us and they freeze very well, I have never had a problem. We keep them as a staple here.

Hi Chris,

If you can’t find coffee filters, Amazon has them for around $10. for 300 or $ .03 a piece. Walmart has 200 online for $1.48. I don’t buy them so not sure if these are good prices or not but I would think the Walmart price is good. $ 2.19 is a decent price these days here on chicken. Aldi’s has chicken tenderloins on sale starting this Sunday for $ 2.69 a lb. Not a great price but if someone needs them, there may not be any at any price if the Bird Flu gets worse. Aldi’s had chicken quarters on sale for $ .49 a lb but they didn’t look very good. $ 1.19 for the whole ones is a great price. Do you cook them and just freeze the meat? They take up so much room in my freezer when they are whole. Wow! That is a fantastic price on eggs.

Your chicken and noodles sounds delicious! Could you share your recipe for the noodles?

Thanks for the tip on the tortillas!

Precious, the noodles I just use eggs, salt and flour. I don’t measure anything, it is all by feel. I learned from my grandma. I roll them out on one of those pastry mats from Tupperware. Part of the secret of them is to roll them out thin, and then when you cut them, cut thin also. Then when you cook them in the broth, make sure it is a rolling boil and add them a little at a time and stir so they don’t stick to each other. You cook them 10 min with the lid on the pan, or 20 min with the lid off. I am guessing there are tutorials on YouTube about how to make them that would help. They are very inexpensive to make and so much better than those frozen Reames brand ones. Although, those will do in a pinch. I don’t make them often b/c it makes such a mess with the flour on me and the kitchen. LOL!

Lately on the whole chickens I have been buying a couple at a time and hubby spatchcocks and cooks on the smoker. I try to time so we can have for supper with the kids one night and I do take the meat off the bone and freeze for casseroles/cut some for lunch meat. And, I will save both carcasses to make soup if I don’t already have a set in the freezer.

Hi Chris,

Thanks so much! I don’t measure things either. I think I can replicate them with your description.

Don’t you just love having cooked meat at the ready? I do! I am off to find a recipe to use up cooked chicken that I did yesterday. I used half for fajitas and saved the rest for today.

I’ve been shopping the loss leaders at Shop Rite. There are limits however. I was able to get 5 pounds of chopped beef at $2.50 a pound last week. I froze them in 1 pound increments (flattened out so they fit easily in the freezer). This week they have pork loin for $1.49 a pound. Limit one per customer. That’ll be me.
I did alright this past week at Aldi. They had some great unadvertised sales: 2 pac of pie crusts for only .29 (twenty nine cents!), 1 pound pacs of chopped sausage for only .49 (forty nine cents) These are great in sauces, casseroles or with scrambled eggs. Mac & Cheese was only .34 (thirty four cents). I stocked up on all of them.
Aldi did not have coffee filters either. There’s probably a shortage somewhere. If I run out, we have a supply in our RV. I’ll use those till we can get a refill.
I did buy chicken quarters from Aldi a few months ago at .49 a pound (forty nine cents). It came in 10 pound bags and I bought two bags. When I got home I separated 3 to a freezer bag (3 legs, 3 thighs). Hubby eats them. Or our dog. They come in handy. Still have 10 more pounds left in the freezer.
I also noticed that Aldi did not have either hamburger or frankfurter rolls. Oh well. When we checked out, the manager was the cashier. There were only 3 employees in the whole store. One was stocking shelves, the other was taking online orders and the manager was the cashier. Not a good sign. When we asked he said many of the employees just didn’t come in to work. Ugh.
We’ve been eating a lot of bean dishes. This past week I made baked beans in our crock pot. Hubby made beans and rice one night. Now that we have the chopped sausage, I can add a bit of extra protein into our dishes.
Last thing: I will admit to a touch of fear. I’m grateful to Aldi. That store is doing their darnedest to keep its customers eating BUT I’m still a touch frightened going forward. Thanks for your blog. You’re about the only person I know who is even discussing what is going on. Again, thank you.

Hi Cindi,

Can you get more than one pork loin if you go in and out of the store a couple of times? My store will limit one but then you can get another if you do another shop. Or it connected to your card? Yeah on the ground meat!

I wish we had had the pie crusts. That is one heck of a deal. You did great with all of your shopping.

It does seem like there is a shortage of those coffee filters.

I am happy that you got good chicken quarters. The ones in our store did not look very good. They looked like they were old.

Bread did look a little sparse when I walked by. But we make our own so I wasn’t really in the market for that.

I think a lot of stores and restaurants are having labor issues with people sick. They seem to be here.

Beans and rice sounds delicious!

Yes, Aldi’s has been the most stocked store in my area. When I was there this week, there were corporate people in doing inventory. I was talking to one man who told me that prices are going up again.


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