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For Those Of You Who Didn’t See This

Amazon is raising the prices of Amazon Prime. Here are the details:

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I quit Amazon a long long time ago. Don’t miss it. Besides, you get free shipping if the amount is over $25. Are they still keeping that or upping it? The Amazon Prime movies suck. So does the free monthly ebook (the choices are obnoxious) and the free magazines I can get, for free, at my local library. In other words, I don’t need Amazon and neither should anyone else. The last few orders I did get from Amazon revealed fake N95 masks (thank you fr nothing, China) stale candy (hard as a rock!) and false advertising (I was supposed to get 3 boxes of tea bags for $25 and they only shipped one.) Plus there is my all time fave Amazon story: my daughter order cough medicine from Amazon, gave it to her daughter (my granddaughter) who in turn had an allergic reaction to the meds and wound up in the hospital. The reason? The cough medicine had expired over three years ago!!! My daughter threatened to sue so Amazon paid the hospital bill and refunded the price to my daughter. No thanks. Never again! F**k Bezos and his billion dollar yacht!

Hi Cindy,

I have no idea if they are going to up the $25. for free shipping. What I do is just wait until a $25. order is needed, then I order. If they up it, I will just wait until I have that amount. Plus once you order they give you 24 hours to order anything with free shipping. I can’t believe that I paid for it for so many years. I agree that the movies aren’t that good. I can usually find them elsewhere on the free Roku channels. That is terrible that your granddaughter had to go through that. UGH!

PS: Buy a Roku for $28 and stream millions of movies, TV shows, news and live entertainment for free, free, free! We don’t need no stinking’ Amazon. $28 and done!!! (plus they always have a free month or two for top streaming services such as HBO Max and Hulu. Learn to binge watch!! Buy the Roku from Amazon (free shipping over $25) and they’ll get the message. Never, ever buy an Amazon Fire Stick. They suck and just try to get your money back. You have to go through excruciating hours of their technical services before they refund your money. Been there. Done that.

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