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Two Bulk Online Purchases

I noticed the other day that we were getting low on soaps. We had only one small refill of hand soap and I am using our last bottle of laundry detergent.

So I checked the bulk prices of both on Walmart and Amazon for what I needed. These two were clear winners for what we use. Since supply chain issues have been a big problem, I decided to order them right away hoping that they would have them in stock. They did and I had them within 2 days.

In case anyone is interested, I ordered three laundry soap from at a cost of $ 7.98 per bottle. This is our favorite.

I ordered two of the Dial Antibacterial Hand Soap from at a cost of $ 17.49 per bottle. These will last a very long time for us so I won’t have to worry about running out if this new variant becomes a real issue.

I got free shipping on both orders. I belong to Walmart Plus which I am allowing to renew this month. I do not have Amazon Prime. I have not had it since the spring.

It will be a quiet day here. Since I roasted two turkey tenderloins last night, our dinner will be just reheating leftovers.

I also am expecting my large box of Christmas cards to arrive today. So we will be watching college football while I write cards. When I looked for cards in my storage, I could only find 2 cards. It became clear that I didn’t buy any last year after Christmas. I won’t make that mistake again.

I hope you all are having a great weekend!

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Hi AD. Great purchases. I am stocked on both of these. I didn’t realize you could get the Dial refill in a gallon bottle. We don’t have Amazon Prime either. This morning I went to Kroger to the candy sale to get some Christmas candy for stockings. I still do them for our kids and grandkids. The sale this year was only 33% off vs 50% last year. Most things were already on sale. I did notice that the selection this year was not as plentiful as in the past. Oh well, at least it is done.

My hubby’s work Christmas party is tonight. I will try to email a picture of us to you if we remember to take one. We are not sending Christmas cards this year since we sent last year. Did you get the big box of cards from Walmart also?

Hi Chris,

Those gallon bottles last a very long time. I have kept a smaller refill bottle to pour’ it into so that I can fill up our smaller bottles easily. I remember as a kid loving my stocking. It was like a treasure hunt! am glad you got what you needed. They do say Christmas stuff is in short supply.

You guys looked great! I hope you had a very good time!

Yes, I got a very nice box of 40 from them. I am really getting tired of writing cards. I thought for a very short time about not sending them. But we have so many old friends that we keep in touch with so I need to buckle down and write those notes. Hubby offered to help but he knows how bad his handwriting is. I can’t even read it.

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