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A Wonderful Sunday

This was just a wonderful Sunday. We had not seen our grandson in many weeks due to him picking up the virus at school. He got it just a day after he got his first shot. Being 11 years old he couldn’t get his shot before then. He has now had his second shot and he and my son came for breakfast this morning. We were so very happy to see them. I missed them so much.

So I cooked all of us a breakfast of sausage, scrambled eggs, and potato pancakes. We had lots of mashed potatoes leftover from our turkey tenderloin dinner that needed to be used up. They turned out delicious!

They stayed about 5 hours to chat and play the card game “Cover Your Assets” which is a lot of fun. We played three games. I loved it! If you are interested in this card game, it is

We were not going to put up our Christmas tree this year. With my bad back, it just seemed like a lot of work. However, I decided today that we were going to do it. It is just a small table top tree but it was in a large box in the basement. So I asked my son to bring it upstairs for us. He did and we will decorate it tomorrow along with some other decorating. I think I am actually starting to get some Christmas spirit.

As Hubby was watching pro football today, he was watching QVC whenever there was a commercial. I spotted a bread machine that was on clearance for 30% off that I wanted. My machine works fine but is bulky and I can’t keep it on the counter. Hubby said to me do you want it. I said yes it is but it is a want not a need. He ordered it for me.

We don’t exchange gifts at Christmas but we do this kind of thing this time of year. A couple of days ago he saw something he wanted for the SUV. I ordered it!

Hubby decided he wanted to make a new meal out of the turkey tenderloin that we had left. So he substituted the turkey slices for the Chicken Picatta that he makes. It is pictured above. He made this big plate for himself. I had a smaller plate. It was so delicious! There were no leftovers so we can do a new meal tomorrow. The recipe we use is above. We had no capers in the fridge nor did we have fresh parsley so we left them out.

I am off to read for the evening. I hope you all had a wonderful day too!

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Hi Precious, I am so glad to see that you got to spend some time with your son and grandson, and that your grandson recovered well from the virus. We are hoping to get our Christmas tree up this week when the kids come for supper. When we moved to our new house we traded trees with our daughter’s in-laws b/c they wanted a smaller one and we had the 2 story great room in our new house and it could handle a bigger one. At some point I am thinking we will go down to a smaller one again, so we can get it up ourselves without the guys needing to help. Plus I really like the large colored light bulbs like our old tree had vs the small white lights this one has. I have read that Christmas trees are another thing affected by the supply chain issues so not in a hurry to change. It is a want, not a need.

Hi Chris,

Thanks! I hear you on getting a smaller one. Our small one we can handle ourselves. Actually our tree now is two sections of our large one. It worked. I couldn’t get over how expensive real trees were this year.

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