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In My Quest To Buy In Bulk

You have probably noticed that I have been buying a lot of things in bulk lately. That has always been the case with meat and poultry. However, I have been trying to bulk buy things that we use all of the time.
One of reasons is so that I can place a large order and not have to think about buying that item again for a very long time. Most of the time I can mail order it for free and get the best price which means I don’t have to put much effort into shopping for it nor do I have to cart it home. I always make sure that it is the cheapest price for the item I want also. If I am going to buy in bulk and store it all I want to make sure that I am saving a ton of money on each item.

As you have seen on my blog recently, I bought liquid soap for a great price. That purchase should last us a couple of years.

I also ordered 80 rolls of toilet paper this past week. They should last us well over a year.

But one of the best purchases that I made came yesterday. We were down to just 3 tall kitchen garbage bags left. As you all know I hate purchasing these bags because of the fact that I have no choice but to bag my garbage in this town and these bags are expensive. So I looked for a better price.

I found these garbage bags at Amazon . There are one thousand black 13 gallon – 16 gallon tall kitchen garbage bags. After subscribe and save and a coupon code on my first order, I ended up paying a little over $.04 a bag. I have already cancelled the subscribe and save order telling them I have too many that will last for years. They are thinner than the normal Glad that I buy but a lot cheaper and I figure they will last us about 9 years. My tall kitchen garbage can is stainless and black so the color is perfect.

They will work for us because I recycle or reuse  everything that I can and we have a garbage disposal. So it’s just odds and ends that get thrown out that go in the kitchen garbage container. They do not come with twist ties or string ties. But I save every twist tie from other things so I have lots. If I didn’t have them I would buy these anyhow because you can easily make a knot in the top of the bag.

As I start to run out of other things, I will definitely be looking at buying more in bulk for those too. And I will definitely share those purchases with you.

Are there household items that you buy in bulk to save money and time? Please share with all of us.