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Cost Cutting Wednesday

We a did a little cost cutting today but not much. I took Hubby to a shoe store in town to find some moccasins to replace the ones he has that are falling apart. He found nothing he liked. So he now is looking online. I am hoping he can find what he wants at a good price.

While we were out, we went to Top’s again and then to Aldi’s. I ran into Top’s to see if they had restocked the Ragu spaghetti sauce. They had so I picked up 5 more jars at $ .99 each. Hubby loves the Crystal Light Raspberry Iced Tea and I have not been able to find it in a while. I spotted 2 of them and got them for $ 3.19 each.

At Aldi’s they had Hellmann’s Mayo for $ 3.77 so I got 3. I can’t find it cheaper anywhere else. It is Hubby’s favorite and he goes through it quickly. He found the 2 honey dry roasted nuts for snacks. My last purchase was the on sale 3 packs of organic ground beef for $17.96. I bought 2 of them because that is all they had. Normally I am at the store on Wednesdays when they open. But we didn’t go until noontime because we were up very late watching the election returns on TV.

My Top’s and the shoe store are in the same plaza. Aldi’s is only 2 blocks up the street. So we only drove a few miles round trip. I try to use as little gasoline as possible by going to places that are close to each other.

So how did you cut costs today?

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Hi AD. Yesterday I went to Kroger to get groceries and they are having their mega sale that is the one with all the cheap canned goods at Thanksgiving. I was happy to see some of the prices were the same as last year on the broth and canned tomatoes. The cream soups were a little more than last year. They haven’t included the canned vegetables in the sale this year, so I will watch for a sale on the green beans. Those are the only canned vegetables we use. I rotated my stock when I got home, and checked to see if I needed to buy any more next week. It is a 2 week sale. I also got a good deal on eggs, they were .97 for 18. The boneless chicken breasts were 1.99/lb so I got a package and cooked it up last night. We will use some of it for sandwiches instead of lunch meat. I paid for all of my groceries with a gift card we had gotten awhile back.

Tonight our kids are coming for supper and I will serve the leftover pork BBQ from the weekend and make baked beans. I had stocked on the cans of the beans at the end of summer.

Hi Chris,

Yeah on the broth and canned tomatoes! Our cream soup here isn’t too bad either. I got a few cases back when they were $.50 a can. Do you have an Aldi’s there? I think they are still reasonable. Walmart is up to $ 1.18 a can. That is a fantastic sale on the eggs. I would love to see that here. We go through a lot of eggs. Good price on the chicken. You ought to try to can it. It is so easy. I love that you paid for it with a gift card.

I hope you enjoyed that BBQ and the baked beans. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

um, the Aldi’s real mayonnaise IS Hellmann’s and it only costs $1.99. don’t believe me? when your husband’s Hellman’s jar is empty fill it up with Burma’s. trust me. your husband will know nothing. or do half and half. that’s what I’ve been doing. fill it up with half Hellmann and half Burman’s.
My hubby likes Aldi’s pure maple syrup @$6. ugh. I empty out half and pour in half of their cheaper, fake syrup. hubby knows nothing and now I’ve got two bottles of maple syrup vs one and I’ve saved half the money. I do the same thing with other products such as those expensive dairy creamers (hazelnut, vanilla or pumpkin etc.) I take a cleaned out used, creamer bottle and pour half of the new creamer into it and then fill both up with skim milk. no one, not even me, can taste or see any difference. I’ve now doubled my supply at half the costs, plus saved half the calories.
If I can add a little extra water in to any products, I do. Like my oatmeal, I use more water which makes it soupy BUT still delicious, nutritious and I’m eating more and saving more money. Sometimes I’ll add a bit of water into whole or 2% milk. Never skim.
Today I found one of my old bracelets some longtime ago boyfriend gave to me. It was 14 kt gold and I sold it for $40. Also, on one of my credit cards I transferred an expense that I placed on their zero interest plans. I earned reward points to the tune of $32 CASH, which I transferred to my checking account. That was an unexpected score. I didn’t know they did those things.
Lastly, there’s a groomer in my town that will cut your dog’s nails for free. Yup. Had that done on my little doggie today. the vet charges $21. Yes, I gave the groomer a $5 tip and everyone was happy. My doggie weighs 12 pounds. Easy peasy but I get too queasy when I have to cut her nails myself. I leave it to a (free) professional.
I stop at our Aldi’s often because lately some of the shelves are empty. It’s been weeks now where my hubby can’t get his fave Belgium chocolate. I’ll prob stop in again tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Have you noticed if they’ve gotten in the cranberry mustard condiment yet? That sounds so yummy and would be ideal on a leftover turkey sandwich!!
More tomorrow!

Hi Cindi,

You know Cindi, I was using the Burman’s. He caught me and swore up and down that it did not taste like Hellmann’s. So to keep him happy, I get him Hellmann’s. He doesn’t ask for much. I would imagine that the mape syrup hack might work though. It is very expensive. I buy it at the Amish store where it is much cheaper than anywhere else. I saw a gallon bottle the other day at NP and it cost $60. I said, No thank you. Fortunately I have some that I purchased before the prices skyrocketed. We don’t use the expensive creamers..just 1/2 and 1/2 or heavy whipping cream from Aldi’s.

Great score on the gold and the rewards credit card. Every little bit helps.

Wow! How nice of the groomer to do that. Well worth the tip!

I hear you on Aldi’s. Mine has been hit or miss on naan bread. I use it to make pizza. Mine has not had it in weeks. Luckily I have some frozen. I hope you find the chocolate for Hubby. I did not notice the cranberry mustard. But I did not look in the aisles that have the specialty items for the holidays. They looked from a distance like they were well stocked. That mustard sounds like it would be good on ham.

I would be interested in how you make out today.

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