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Cost Cutting Friday

There was not much cost cutting yesterday because my back was giving me trouble. So I took it easy in the house. Hubby did make us some chicken salad for dinner.

Today is going to be an organizing and picking up day. My house has gotten out of control with my back issues. So I am going to get some things done that need it, like cleaning up our pantries and making sure the expiration dates are being rotated properly.

I am going to pick the 2nd chicken carcass clean and freeze the meat. I freeze the carcasses and any chicken bones that I get to make a big pot of broth for chicken soup when I get enough. So I will be making that soon. It is finally soup weather here. We had a freeze two nights ago and last night it again got down to 30.

This morning I transferred our winter coats to our coat closet and packed the spring and summer ones up. I also put the hats and gloves in the container in the closet so they are at the ready. Our master bedroom is large enough that we don’t have to pack up any summer or winter clothes. With all the purging we did after we lost weight, there is room for both in there.

Hubby thinks he found a pair of shoes at Zappos for $59.99. Has anyone ever purchased from them or had to return anything? I would love to know your experiences before I order.

I got $ 15.00 in rebates in the mail today!

That’s it for today! More organizing and cleaning than anything.

Did you do anything to cut costs today?

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Today was a spending day. Lately I’ve been having trouble with my eyes, especially my right one. The socket hurts. So I went to an ophthalmologist, covered by Medicare so no money spent. Got a new RX and eye drops. Hope these help. I already had my own frames that I bought when down in Florida (My photo on my blog shows me in one of the pairs) They’re fabulous frames and I got both pairs for only $95 total. The optician LOVED them. Well, anyway, 1st pair of distance bifocals with blue screen tint for ease of computer use will set me back $199. Gulp. The second pair I made into bifocal sunglasses. Those lenses only cost $110. Double gulp. Plus hubby filled his RX and his cost $150. OMG! The only way for us to pay these bills in full, without touching our savings was to cut back on our monthly expenses and that included food. Welcome to the world of fixed income living. It’s like every retirees nightmare.
Anyway, I’m successfully keeping our food budget around $400 for the month. All other spending ceased. Doogie has to go to the vet next week for 3 shots. Yup. I know. It’s a bad month.
Thank the Lord my daughter is hosting Thanksgiving. I should be insolvent by then. Just kidding, of course.
Finally, it’s my birthday month. I’ve asked for gift certificates to Joanne’s Fabric. I got a new sorta free sewing machine (don’t ask. it’s a long story) and I want to start sewing some holiday gifts (pot holder, aprons, hot plate holders, pj’s etc.) and I need some things to do it.
OK. you can ask. I got this brand new sewing machine sorta free. Client bought it for me if I sewed his clothes. Can you imagine? What a lucky break!
That’s it for now!

Hi Cindi,

Money spent on your health is good spending! Glasses are very expensive but a necessity. Cutting costs is the way to go to help with these large expenses. I have been lucky and only need to go for an exam once a year which is covered under insurance. I still am able to only use cheap reading glasses. Hubby has script glasses but his eyes have not changed in years.

Wow! You are getting hit twice. Vet bills are so expensive. I remember when we had our cat.

Insolvent! 🙂

Nice score on the sewing machine and a practical choice for Christmas.

I think they were badly burned by someone who didn’t pay their bill. Thus the paying by credit card before the vet will see the pet. Sad that all the rest of us have to ‘suffer’ because of something some one else did. Oh well.

Hi AD. Friday I had 1 y/o granddaughter all day. We had fun just staying at home and playing with my toys. They were all either given to us or I got them for good prices at yard sales. I also had saved a few from when my kids were younger, like some of the baby dolls. My best bargain that we played with was a Step 2 playhouse that retails for over $300 that I had gotten when her sister was a baby for $10 at a yard sale in an upscale neighborhood. We both had a nice nap, too. 🙂

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