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Last Week’s Aldi’s Haul

I am a little behind and trying to catch up so that I am up to date. This is the grocery haul I did at Aldi’s last week. 

I purchased my first turkey of the season. It was a 19.38 lb. Butterball which is our favorite brand of turkey. It was on sale for $ .87 a lb and totaled $16.86.

The avocados were on sale for $.69 each. I eat a half of one with my eggs for breakfast. The tissues were $ .99 a box. We go through a lot of tissues each winter so I have to continue to stock on these. My Dollar Tree was out of Scotties so I picked these up.

The antibacterial hand soap refill was $ 3.29. I pick up one of these almost every time that I go to Aldi. The price can’t be beat here.

The cauliflower rice was $ 1.99 and the ready to serve rice was $ 1.19. They get added to our winter stockpile.

The half and half was $ 1.55. Lastly I purchased 8 cans of pumpkin for $ .85 a can. I love making pumpkin bread from these. Each can makes two loaves.

The entire haul totaled $ 38.98.

I will be buying more turkeys. I am going to try to do the Thanksgiving Ibotta deal today if my store has anything left.

Have any of you purchased your turkeys yet? What price did you pay?

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Hi AD, this is Chris. Thanks for mentioning your Aldi haul. I will be making a stock up trip there sometime in the next few weeks and some of the things you mentioned, I will stock on, like the pumpkin and the specialty sugars. I wanted to report that where we live Kroger is having a promotion for a free turkey if you spend $125, starting Wed. The price of their store brand turkey without the promotion is .37/lb. I am not sure if I will get one or not. I did get a turkey breast recently for our Thanksgiving meal since it will just be the 2 of us and our son. I also told our daughter that we would go in with them to order some sides from the catering arm of the restaurant company who is her employer. I know some of the things we could make cheaper, but it is a way to help her company and show we are supporting them during this difficult time.

Hi Chris,

Yeah. I am glad you will get some of those sales. They had lots of pumpkin when I went. Prior to that week, there was none.

Yeah on the free deal and the $.37 a lb.

We picked up a 16 pound turkey at Aldi for that .87 cent deal. I told hubby it was way too big for the two of us, but he loves himself those next-day turkey sandwiches!

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