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My “Resident Chef” Cooks Again

Hubby is the “Resident Chef” around our home lately. After 50 plus years of cooking, I am tired of it. So he cooked dinner on Thursday night. 

He made Seared Scallops with Pan Sauce that he found on Sea scallops, lemon juice, dry white wine, butter, garlic, and ground pepper. When we have fresh chives we put them on after it is plated. Our fresh chives are gone for the season so we just went without those.

However, he did make us a green salad as a side. 

To go with of all of this, he made a recipe of Green Onion Rolls that was in our Parade Magazine that was in last Sunday’s newspaper. They also had parmesan cheese in them. They were so delicious served warm with butter.

This is Hubby’s plate.

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Looks lovely! Good job, hubs. My mom cooked for the first 15 years of their marriage. My dad has been cooking ever since, & they will be at 50 years next summer. She does do all of the baking, and if they have a party or such, appetizers. Otherwise, it's all him.

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