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Two Posts Today! The Thanksgiving Deal

I realize I already posted today. However, today is the last day of this deal so I wanted to make sure that you are all aware of it.

Go to your Ibotta app and look for the Thanksgiving Deal in conjunction with Walmart. You can get $ 9.98 off a Butterball turkey and a lot of other products for free. You pay for them up front but you get the money back through Ibotta.

I did it this morning. You all know that we love Butterball turkeys here. I could have gotten a smaller turkey closer to the $ 9.98 rebate but we love turkey. So I got a 22+ lb. one and will get rebated the $ 9.98. After the rebate, I ended up paying $ .57 a lb for the turkey. That is $.30 a lb. cheaper than I can buy one here.

The items shown in the picture are the only things that my Walmart had left. I think the ones I was missing was French’s Crispy Onions, frozen green beans, and a 2 liter Coke. I have plenty of those things in my stockpile anyhow.

Have any of you done the deal already?

So just in case any of you weren’t aware of this deal. I wanted to let you know so that you can shop for it today.

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Hi AD, this is Chris. Great deal. Especially since it counts a Butterball turkey among the items. I have seen this deal mentioned on a lot of blogs the past few days. I don't use most of the things in the deal, and Walmart is not close to us, so I don't think it is worth my time to do. It would take me 15-20 min just to drive there. Definitely worth your time, though. I am excited for you and the others who have been able to take advantage of this deal.

This was a great deal! I did it on grocery pickup. My daughter had never signed up for Ibotta so she signed up and did it too.
Ibotta has had lots of things we buy lately.

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