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My First Walmart Delivery

With winter upon us and knowing that the snow will be falling soon, it was time to make a plan for grocery shopping. We do have quite a stockpile but there are still fresh things that we will need and some things that our “Resident Chef” will need to make his recipes.

So I took a look at the Walmart + plan and decided to join it for one year. I was able to get a 30 day free trial and pay for one year the amount of $ 98. up front because it is much cheaper than paying monthly at $ 12.95. They tell you that you get a 15 day trial but when I signed up they asked three questions in a survey which gave me 15 more days. They also have discounted gasoline at certain gas stations none of which are around here. However since I can get discounted gas at Top’s or BJ’s, it was not important to me. They also will deliver other things besides groceries.  If I happen to shop in the store, I can just scan and go – no check out.

I needed the fresh mushrooms for a recipe this week and we got some more creamer because we are low.

Hubby loves onion rings so they are a treat for him. We love their chicken wings that we use for making Buffalo wings. They are meaty and delicious. I also picked up a few boxes of Kleenex and some quart size freezer bags.

I tried it out yesterday to stock up on some more things that we needed. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. They let me know in the morning what they were out of and the substitutions that they made. There were only 3 and I was happy with all of them. One was the pizza which is an I don’t want to cook tonight item.  They were out of the pepperoni but substituted the cheese. I have plenty of pepperoni here that I can throw on it before it goes in the oven. They substituted tomatoes on the vine for 1 other tomato that I had ordered. But I got 4 tomatoes instead of 1 for less money.  They substituted 2 other Knorr Asian sides for 2 that they were out of which were ones we do use.

I have been paying $ 1.99 to $ 2.49 on sale for SF Cool Whip at Top’s. I was so pleasantly surprised to be able to buy 4 for $ 1.00 each. It freezes well and we use it on SF Jello and SF puddings for desserts. Hubby was out of corn which is his favorite veggie and they were $1.00 each. Cucumbers were only $ .62 each and I eat them for snacks and in my salads.

I do not buy bread ahead. It does not keep well in my freezer. So I got the buns for a chili hot dog meal this week. The Knorr sides were cheap and are a stockpile item. Hubby loves them and now that I am eating carbs once in a while, I like them too because they are easy. We love these ice cream sandwiches occasionally for a quick ice cream craving. The Craves and the Doritos are a Hubby snack. I buy snacks ahead and I keep them in a huge Rubbermaid tub in the basement to keep bugs out. They keep a few months; much longer than the expiration dates.

99% of these items are cheaper than my regular grocery stores and taste better too. Yes, I do keep a price book so most of the prices I already knew. The SF Cool Whip was the big surprise. I also love that I can get most of my frozen veggies for $ 1.00. 

I know that this Walmart plan will not work for some people and there are some who like to shop. For us, it is perfect since I do not like driving in the snow and we are supposed to have more than plenty of it this winter. That said, I buy very little meat at Walmart so I will continue to stockpile meat elsewhere when I see a good sale. My Aldi’s is good for that when they have a sale. I just never pay full price at Aldi’s for meat. Their meat is delicious but I can buy it on sale at Top’s, Wegman’s, BJ’s, or Niagara Produce cheaper. When I buy I try to buy in bulk. I can just drive to those places when I need meat or see a great sale and it is not snowing.

This order cost me $ 68.46 and a tip for the driver. I was very happy with that. 

Have any of you used the Walmart plan or delivery? 

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I dint get free delivery in my new location buti had it in denver. Do delivery from them all the time, and clicklist as well.when covid is over I will love the using my phine to checkout instore thing.

Hi AD, this is Chris. I think the Walmart delivery sounds like a good thing for you. Walmart is not close to us, so not sure it would work out for us?

This week Kroger started having their big canned goods sale that happens this time of the year. There were other things, but the things for .49/ea that I stocked up on were: canned tomatoes and tomato sauce (15 oz can), canned green beans, chicken broth and cream of chicken soup. I had enough cream of mushroom soup, and the canned beans were not on the sale this year. I will be watching for a sale for those for when I make chili. The Skyline chili was also on the mega sale for a decent price, so I got a few cans of it also.

The Cool Whip was four tubs or $1– QUARTER EACH? I never buy Great Value items. They may be delicious and cheap. It is just me. I would stock and order delivery if I had to drive in the snow! The last time we lost electricity was 1993, so Alabama is pretty safe from that.

Our local grocery store does delivery but I've never taken advantage of it. I drive into work every workday anyway but if I can avoid driving across town to either the grocery or Wm, I will! Right now I take advantage of Wm Pickup and love it. I'd do Sam's Club too but it's DH's treat to go in there once a month.

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