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Frugal Things The Past Couple Of Weeks

 These are the things that we have done frugally the past few weeks:

– We have only gotten take out once which I got a dozen free shrimp with a meal and I also was able to use a $5.00 off coupon that I received for my birthday. All other meals have been cooked at home from our stockpile.

– I did some more Christmas shopping. I only have a couple of things left to purchase. I try every year to have my Christmas shopping done by the end of October.

– I received a $5.00 rebate in the mail.

– I believe I got the last 12 pack of Samuel Adams Octoberfest in town. My son drinks this. My beverage center has the best price too.

– Hubby set up his office so that Alexa could do her virtual schooling while she visited. This worked out very well. She was comfortable and had her privacy.

– She loves spaghetti and meatballs. So I made a huge crockpot full from scratch one night. Another night we had hamburgers and French fries. We kept the menu teenager friendly.  

– My son had business that was 2 hours and 30 minutes away round trip from where we lived. He was willing to drive it every day so that we could all spend time together. We were very thankful for that. The last day that they were here, we took Alexa to him there after her school day ended at 3PM. At least that saved him driving back here and then all the way across the state again. I filled up the car before our trip getting $ .60 off a gallon using Top’s gasoline points. 

– Hubby returned bottles and got $ 5.60 in deposits back. 

– We went to the dentist for our 3 month checkups and cleanings. We have paid for the insurance plan again this year so they were discounted. I also convinced my dentist that I do not need to go for cleanings every 3 months. He agreed to me coming every 6 months so that will save us a lot of money. 

– We have decided to change our cellphone plan. I have been paying my son $596. a year because I am on his plan. However we have found a plan that is satisfactory for us for $180. for a year. This will also give us a telephone number that is in our area code. My son’s is not.  

– Our monthly electric and natural gas bill came and it was $10.00 less than the same time last year. Since there has been a rate increase in that period, I think we did well keeping it under control.

– I have done minimal grocery shopping. I am still saving money to shop for Thanksgiving turkeys and other sale items.

– I mended a pair of pajamas and hemmed a pair of slacks.

– I continue to do my fall organizing and cleaning. It is getting done slowly. I should be done in a couple of weeks.

– I continue to use the HE washer and hang most everything to dry.

– I use whatever appliance is the cheapest energy wise to do our cooking. So the toaster oven, air fryer oven and pressure cooker get used a lot. I am going to hard boil a dozen eggs this morning. 

– I have been doing very well using up produce before it goes bad and using up all of our leftovers.

– Our son and granddaughter visiting was PRICELESS.

What have you been doing frugally? Please feel free to share with all of us in the comments.   


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So wonderful you were able to get time with your family. That is a great savings on the cell phone bills!

We had a few frugal wins (avocados, 5/$1), but mostly it was just a regular week of activities & savings where we can.

Dental checkups and cleaning every 3 months? I think thats a bit… overdoing because here private dentists say once every two years is enough if you don't have any issues.

Other than the everyday stuff, DH changed his brake pads saving money. The house is ready and on the market as of today. He took several trailer loads up to the new place saving on moving costs(movers just have to move the furniture). Started giving the dogs pumpkin for their tummy issues instead of an expensive prescription. Still eating down the freezer and pantry.

Hi Patti,

I love that your DH changes his own brake pads. Hubby did ours for years. My son did ours the last time for us.

I wish you the very best of luck with selling your home. I think the market has been hot.

I didn't know that pumpkin was good for dogs. Thanks for that tip.

Wow! You did very well frugally!

What phone plan is $180.00 a year and what type of phone do you have? I am looking for a reasonable plan for me and hubby.

Thank you! I live in NY as well, down the thruway, right off Exit 44, outside of Rochester. We probably have the same cable provider. I will have to check it out.

Hi AD, this is Chris. One good thing that happened frugally was that when I paid bills for Nov. last week, our auto insurance had gone down in price and had also given a Covid credit for earlier in the year. So I was happy about that. We had some medical bills that I had saved for in our sinking fund so I was able to pay with that. Finally, with Christmas coming, I redeemed my points on my credit card for a credit on the bill, and later in Nov, I will transfer the Christmas money from our sinking fund to checking. I am so grateful I learned about sinking funds from you and some other frugal folks I follow, they have made a real difference to us. So I am mentioning in case some of your other readers need to know about them.

Hi Chris,

Yeah on the lower auto insurance. You have done great with
your sinking funds. Isn't it nice to know that you have Christmas gifts already paid for.

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