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My 2021 Planner


For those of you who have been reading my blogs over the last 13 years, you know that I like to buy a planner every year. 

For many years, I purchased the Franklin Planner especially when I worked. I really liked that one and it worked for me all the years that I used it.

Over the last few years, I have tried a new planner every year. I thought I had found the “one” that would work for me last year. It didn’t work at all. First of all I purchased an 8 x11 and it was just too big and bulky.  It had a bunch of printed “to do” things on each daily page and most of them did not help me in any way. After a while, I stopped using it so it was a huge waste of money.

I am sure that a lot of you just keep your “to do” lists on your phones. But I am old school and really like writing in a planner.

So a month ago, I set out to find what I hope will be the perfect planner for 2021. I wanted something that I could put my daily routine in and check the items off when I complete them. I think I have found it. 

This planner has a weekly calendar check list of basically my morning and nightly routines that I have been doing for years. When I first found it online, I got very excited because I knew that I would no longer have to write that routine into my planner. It also has a place on each date to plan out my menu, track any money I spend that day, and room to add more items that I want to do that day.

It has checklists that I will use to make my life easier. There is a spring cleaning one, a yard and home maintenance one for each season of the year, one to get ready to have company, Christmas ones, and a weekly home project list. It has bill payment page where you can track your monthly bills.

It also has a page for a Dream Project List. I had been working on one this year that I was very excited about but things change and my project had to change. It has a page to list your financial goals for 2021 and pages for notes about that.

Each month has a tab and in the front of the month is the entire month’s calendar to be able to see appointments, etc.  That is followed by the weekly pages with the lists and a monthly budget tracker. It also has a really cute ruler to be able to keep your place, some planner stickers, and a pocket in the back which would be a great place to stash receipts of you are the type to take your planner wherever you go.

Because this planner is a normal classic size, I can keep it in my purse when I am away from home.  

If anyone is interested in this planner, here is the link to where you can purchase it: 

2021 Planner 

I am not a making any money for writing about this planner nor is the link earning me anything. I just wanted to let you know how excited I am about finally finding one that has my daily routine in it and that I believe will work for me.

I hope you all have a terrific weekend. My son and granddaughter will be visiting for a few days and I am very excited about that. 

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I'm absolutely a paper planner person as well. What's helped me a lost is a trick I picked up from the Occasional Nomads blog. I have a daily template I build for each week (I print & then check each item off, but believe Laura uses note cards). For me, those include things like: gratitude journaling, working out, meditating, stretching, etc. Then, i use that weekly & the grid view really pushes me to check off all of my daily tasks. In my planner, each day I write down things that are specific just to that day. I'm on week two of doing this, and have really enjoyed the system.

Paper and list person here. I have been making my own, which is rather bulky. But I have lots of paper from working in the schools that need using, so until that is all gone I will continue to make my own. I also kind of need 2 calendars as one is used for menu planning and the other is appointments and meetings.

God bless.

Hi AD, this is Chris. I have never used a planner, except when I was in college. We do have a calendar that I keep on the refrigerator, though. I also follow PPP on Facebook. I saw she had a planner, but just scrolled by those posts about it. Hubby uses the calendar on his phone, I think. He used to use one of those day planners back in the day.

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