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Top’s Grocery Haul This Week and Other Things

I shopped at Top’s this week. I purchased white cheddar popcorn( $2.99) at Hubby’s request. I was getting low on eggs so picked up the 18 count with a Super Coupon for $1.69.

The celery was also a Super Coupon and cost $ .88. The yogurt were on sale for $1.00 each.

But the best deal that I got was 4 of the craft beer French fries. If you purchased 4, they were $ .99 each. 

My total out of pocket was  $ 9.52. 

I have been busy around here doing regular chores and finishing up organizing the kitchen which is one of the biggest rooms in the house and held so much stuff. I pared a lot of it down. If it hadn’t been used in a year, it got donated. It is so much easier to cook  and find utensils, dishes, and pots and pans now that it has been simplified. 

Now I am preparing for my son and granddaughter to visit for a few days. We are very excited that they are coming especially Hubby. He has not seen our son since last November. We have not seen our granddaughter since she was here in July. 

We have been getting ready for winter. It is upon us and it is predicted to be very snowy this year.

My son helped Hubby put all the patio furniture away about 10 days ago. I am so glad because the winds have been awful.

Our landscape crew were here for the last time this year and everything has been weeded and trimmed. The pest control people were here and the spiders seem to be non existent. Yeah, because I hate spiders. The company who blows out the lines in our sprinkler system came and did that and shut it down till Spring. The last thing that needs to be done is winter fertilizer and that will be done by the company in the next couple of weeks. 

Hubby changed the filter on the furnace yesterday. With the heat on, we do that once a month. 

How did you guys do with Amazon Prime Days? Did you think the deals were worth it? I was very good and was able to pick up a Christmas gift for my grandson. I had a $10.00 credit that helped lower the cost.

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So glad you get to see your son & granddaughter! We will likely see my parents in a few weeks, and they are so thrilled to get time with us, but mostly the kids. 😉

I was able to do two Amazon Prime offers – one was a buy $10 at a small business, & get $10, and the other was buy a $40 gift card for Amazon & get $10. I did both, & earned $20. It was easy & the small business was something I needed anyway, and I consider the gift card like cash.

Hi HP,

I am happy that you are getting to see your parents too. I can't wait to see my granddaughter and son.

I did the $10. small business one prior to Prime Days and got the $10. credit. I thought about the $ 40. GC but never did it.You did great!

Hi AD, this is Chris. I am glad to hear about your upcoming visitors. Enjoy them. <3 I am going tomorrow to get groceries and will report if I get anything good. I did not get anything on Amazon Prime Days. We are not huge Amazon shoppers and don't have Prime, but our daughter does.

I don't know why, but I received Prime free for a month. I applied for the cc, got it, and had a $100 credit for doing so. I ordered $109 worth items and paid $9.43 for all of it. We are very pleased and have melatonin, men's hair clippers, and storage dishes. All that for $9.43.

Hi AD, this is Chris again. I went to Kroger to do my weekly shopping today. I mostly needed produce and dairy items. I was very happy to find a few things I have been looking for. First of all, hubby had been wanting some whole mustard seeds for his pickling and they were finally in stock. The great northern beans were also finally in stock and I got 3 bags. That should be enough with the other beans I have. And lastly, our Kroger is finally carrying the LaVictoria mild taco sauce again, and I had a digital coupon. I will be watching for a deal on that now that I know they carry it again, I was so happy. It is our favorite.

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