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I Finally Finished Cleaning and Organizing The Refrigerator

Finally I am done with the refrigerator. With our schedule last week, this week, and next week, things are getting done a little at a time. I long for the days when I could clean my two story house in one day. But I move a bit slower than I used to.

As you can tell, we have a problem. My Hubby is the condiment king. He never met a condiment that he didn’t like.

It is a work in progress. I have vowed to buy condiments in smaller containers. He has vowed to eat up what is in there before he opens another jar that isn’t mayonnaise, ketchup, or mustard. 

The beverages of iced tea, milk, and creamers are just above the mayo, etc. I also keep the heavy whipping cream and 1 crescent roll tube in there because of their size. 

And above those I keep my butter and yeast.

The other door holds our garlic, some Chinese sauces, horseradish and steak sauce. 

It also holds some dressing, lime juice and taco sauce. Because our ice maker is in this door, the shelves are very narrow so it doesn’t hold things that are not slim.

Next in the main compartment of the refrigerator, I have 2 dozen plus 2 eggs right now along with some cooked bacon in the baggie up by the eggs.

Across from it, I keep leftovers and my lettuce keeper.

Under the eggs are more condiments including my avocado mayo, BBQ sauces and honey mustard sauce.

To the left of those, is an empty shelf which is where I keep Hubby’s prescription medications. I removed them briefly to take this picture to protect his privacy.

Next shelf down are dairy products on the left including a bit of Cool Whip. Next bin holds some jams and the parmesan cheese. Next bin is all of our salad dressings.  The last one is applesauce, maple syrup,  SF syrup and some lemon juice. The bin behind the one in the front holds some coconut and almond whipped cream that we use on ice cream and in coffee. It also holds the chocolate syrup that I make ice cream sundaes with for my grandchildren.  

On the left is our fruit bin which is full of apples right now.

On the right is our vegetable bin which has celery, carrots, green peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and avocados at the moment. I clean all of my veggies when I bring them home from the store and prep for whatever I will be using them for.

Last is our pull out deli drawer. As you can see it is very full of cheese and meats.

I am hoping to pare down the number of condiments that we are using. I barely have enough room to store leftovers and forget thawing a turkey in here right now.

Besides buying a commercial refrigerator, this was the largest refrigerator that we could find that would fit our space. I thought it was huge until Hubby’s condiments started filling it up.

Do any of you struggle to keep your refrigerator organization under control? At least it is easier to clean since I started using refrigerator bins a couple of years ago. It is much easier to clean a spill in a bin instead of taking the inside of the refrigerator apart to get the sticky gunk off.

Well, I am off to do some more Fall cleaning. Let me know how you handle you refrigerator organization. It just drives me crazy.

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Hi AD, this is Chris. I was cracking up about all your comments about the condiments. We have a bunch of them also, mostly for Hubby. Plus he has been making refrigerator pickles so our fridge has been full of his creations. Thanks for sharing how you do your organization, it was helpful.

Holy condiments! At any given time, we have: homemade salsa, mayo, mustard & ketchup. I think we might have an open container of open curry paste as well, but that's it.

I do struggle to keep the fridge organized, but mostly because we have too many fruit/veggies to keep in the drawers, so they spill out onto the shelves. I usually try to if nothing else, keep the leftovers together, so I can easily find them.

Hi HP,

I want to be you. LOL! I would love to just have those basic condiments in my fridge. Thanks for sharing your struggle. It is nice to know that I am not alone.

Tommy has a one-door refrigerator. He has only two shelves, having removed one. He also took out both crispers. So, it is almost impossible to do anything but just stack food. I bought two cheap and small plastic bins, one for the cheese and stuff and the other for his fruits. It is a mess. It is almost impossible to cook or store anything fresh or cooked.

Good job on organizing your fridge. Our fridge is really hard to keep organized. We have a side by side fridge/freezer which I HATE! You can't fit much into either side. I try to clean it out every week but there are still things that get lost in the back. It is 23 years old and still runs perfectly (knock on wood) but when it goes I will be getting one with a freezer drawer on the bottom with french doors on top. Did I mention, I HATE this fridge. 🙂

Hi Mary,

Thanks! I hated my side by side too and replaced it with this French door with 2 freezer drawers on the bottom. I thought I would have more room but this is just as bad. If I can get Hubby to stop using so many condiments, it would be much better.

We do ok…neither of us a condiment fan except the basics. I prefer the side buy side because I don't like to bend over to reach the freezer but we do have an upright freezer so the side by freezer holds only opened items. His yogurt takes up the most space because he buys 30 at a time that and SF Jello in Pyrex containers. the deli drawer is always packed since he takes 2 sammies every day to work and cheese sticks. It looks like out favorite dept is Dairy 🙂

Our fridge is the same way. There is little room for leftovers. Condiments are our problem also. We both like different things. I will be clearing it out before the Fall-Winter Holidays.

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