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Frugal Things The Past 10 Days or So

These are the things we have done frugally in our home recently.

We received another $ 13.00 in two rebates. They are always worth the few minutes it takes to fill them out and send them in.

My Amazon order came and it was leaking. I had ordered 4 bottles of 32 ounce hand sanitizer. One bottle had the cap off when it arrived. What a mess it was in the box. Half of one bottle had leaked all over the other three and the box. I cleaned it up and contacted Amazon. I got the best customer service ever from them. They told me to either keep, throw out, or donate the order. They credited me for the entire order. So I now have free sanitizer. I believe that Amazon is very leary of the new Walmart Plus so they have really upped their game on their customer service. You can see how much is gone in the bottle on the right.

That roast beef that you saw me cook yesterday has a story behind it. It was dated in 2018. Somehow it got away from me in the dungeon of my chest freezer. Except for turkeys, I rarely keep meat that long. I was wondering if I should toss it or cook it. So I gave it the test. I thawed it, checked to see if it looked okay, and smelled it. It passed those tests, so I cooked it. Then I quickly tasted a small piece when Hubby cut it. It was as good as if it was a new piece of meat. It was delicious and we have another two meals we can get out of it. I am so glad that I didn’t toss it which was my original thought. Waste not want not is my motto.

I washed 3 loads of clothing and towels. I washed the towels in my HE washer using warm water and dried them them using my wool balls which allows me use less time in the dryer. I washed the clothing loads in cold water and hung them to dry.

I redeemed a free to me $10.00 giftcard at Walmart.

My free Better Homes and Gardens magazine came in the mail. I am glad it was free because I skimmed it for about 4 minutes and there was nothing I was interested in.

The pest control company came and got us all set for the winter months. I hate bugs of any kind and the spiders are trying to come inside now that it is cold. 

I washed the car in the driveway. Soon I will be going to the car wash so I want to do as many as I can in the driveway before it gets too cold. I actually have enough reward tickets from getting the car washed last winter, that my first one will be free when I go.

We have been watching You Tube and movies on Amazon Prime for entertainment along with watching football.

I have been cooking all of our meals at home using the best energy saving appliance for the job. 

Lastly, but not money saving, I had to take a picture of the aster bush that I did prior in a post. It is in full bloom now and so beautiful!

What have you been doing frugally?

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I am not sure how I missed the last post, so I read that. I have never thrown out meat that is freezer burned. I have been freezing produce that we get that is too much for us to eat right now. My new freezer is coming in handy. I am buy guaifenesin for my needed otc–generic Mucinex.

Yeah on your new freezer! My meat was not freezer burned. It was put away with my food saver and kept extremely well for 2 years. Good job on the medicines.

Several vet check ups/shot/meds that were still cheaper than having the pet wellness plan we used to have. Chris changed his own oil again,we did all the yard spruce up ourselves, cleaned window tracks so the windows open smoother, replaced broken blinds,started painting garage trim to ready the house for sale in December. No food went to waste and should finish that pesky romaine tonight. The only thing on my monthly Amazon order is dog/cat food and nothing will get ordered. Picked up or downloaded books from the library. Paid 1/6 of my PayPal bill to avoid interest, I could pay it all but I want a cushion for the move. It was a great week!

Hi Pstti,

Yeah on the vet items. I love it when we get a win. Wow! You are doing a lot around the house. I remember the days of Hubby changing our oil. I am not ordering from Amazon these days either. I am done for a while except for gifts. Yeah on your frugal weeks.

Nice frugal wins! Particularly being able to salvage your roast. Waste makes me sad, so it's awesome that you were able to use it.

This has been a really intense work week, so no major wins, other than just sticking to the basics: line drying clothes, leftover for meals, listing items on eBay, etc.

Hi AD, this is Chris. Your asters are beautiful. We are getting to the end of the garden here. When the kids come for supper tomorrow, I am going to make BLTs with what I think are the last of the tomatoes. I also saved back one package of the bacon from the pork we got from hubby's co worker.

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