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Busy Monday

 I spent part of the morning cooking in the kitchen. I pressure cooked 14 eggs for breakfasts, snacks and salads this week. I cooked a pound and a half of bacon. I ate 2 eggs for breakfast with 2 strips of bacon.

Then I decided to try a recipe that I have seen everyone rave about on You Tube. It was a slow cooked roast beef recipe in a You Tuber’s cookbook. Everyone kept telling me that it is the best roast ever. I had the cookbook but never looked at that particular recipe. So I dug out the book and read it. It was no different than the same recipe that I have cooked in my slow cooker for years.

Her’s called for onions instead of onion soup mix. But then I read the cooking directions and a big NO resounded in my head. It called for roasting it in the oven for 10-12 hours at 250 degrees depending on how big your roast is. Why would I turn on my big oven instead of using the crockpot? I am sure that I am saving energy using the crockpot on low for 8 hours over using the oven for a greater amount of time.  

So in the crockpot went my onion soup mix, cream soup, and the roast beef. I just put Hubby’s potatoes in a few minutes ago. I will check it all at the 7 hour mark and if it is done to our satisfaction we will eat. I am cooking spinach for our vegetable tonight. 

After I cleaned up all of the pots, pans and dishes, I gathered my grocery lists and coupons and off I went to Walmart and Aldi’s.

At Aldi’s, I picked up 2 packages of bacon for $2.99 each. That is $ 1.01 less per package than the bacon I purchased at Top’s yesterday but it isn’t as good. But I decided at that price we would try a couple again. We use so much bacon for breakfast during the week and for our Sunday breakfasts when my son and grandson visit. So it will add to my stockpile of it.

We were out of sea scallops and they were $9.99 so I got one. I was so happy to see macadamia nuts in the store again. I got my 2 bags of pork rinds which is a snack for me. The Hass avocados were $.69 each. I have been out for a while so was happy to see this sale.

Hubby has been asking me to pick up or make an apple pie. Well, if I make the pie or buy one, we will eat it all and I really don’t want the temptation. So when I saw this German apple strudel, I grabbed it. There are two in the package and I can cook them separately on two different days for him. That should satisfy him.  The broccoli and cheese were needed for recipes the next couple of weeks. 

Here is my receipt. I spent $ 39.77.

At Walmart, I picked up the last of the OTC medicines that we may need over the winter. Walmart had the best prices locally and were lower than Amazon’s prices.

I had a $5.00 off coupon on any Hormel product that was expiring soon so the ham will be a good addition to our stockpile. The crescent rolls are needed for a recipe. The snacks are always needed and hopefully now we have enough until the holiday shopping. I had a Free coupon for the big bag of Cheetos.

Here is my receipt. I spent $ 14.09 after the coupons and a $10.00 gift card rebate.  

I have to be completely honest. I am tired of grocery shopping. I am hoping to not go out the door again to do it unless it is for dairy or produce. I will just be scouring the ads for those things next week and any meat sale that I think is rock bottom. Otherwise, I need some time home to finish the fall cleaning and work on my blog posts.

Are you getting any good deals this week?

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Hi AD, this is Chris. You had some good grocery runs. I hear you on being tired of grocery shopping, I am also. I did see Target has the cat food/kitty litter gift card deal this week so we will probably go and stock up some more for the winter.

I wanted to tell you about the salmon that hubby smoked yesterday, for jerky. It was really good. He made a wet brine of soy sauce, brown sugar and pepper and marinaded overnight. Then as he smoked it, he basted occasionally with pure maple syrup. I had gotten a 3 lb fillet on Fri and he did the whole thing. It was SO good. I am sure he will be making again when we can get salmon on a good price the next time.

Hi Chris,

That salmon jerky sounds so good. You guys really enjoy your smoker. I love smoked foods when we go to the party at our friend's home. But unfortunately this year, we couldn't go for a # of reasons. I so missed it.

AD, this is Chris again. Hubby and I were talking yesterday about possibly buying a food saver. I searched your blog to see if I could see which one you had, but the only thing I found that was useful was that you said you got rolls of the off brand bags for it at Walmart and Aldi b/c they were cheaper and worked just fine. I would appreciate it if you could let me know which one you have so I can research and see if it is something we might want to ask his folks to get us for Christmas. With all the meat he is doing on the smoker, we were thinking this might be a good purchase if we would use it enough. Thanks for replying. <3

Hi Chris,

I think you would use it a lot. I have had two. Unfortunately the one I have now is so old that they no longer make it. Mine is similar to this:

But watch for sales around Christmas at food saver itself. They usually run some good ones. I love my food saver so much that I already have a new one as a spare in a box on the shelf in case mine dies that I bought for about 1/2 price on a sale. I never want to be without one.

Last weeks grocery shopping was needs only since I did a huge Costco shop at the beginning of the month. I made bbq spare ribs in the IP and broiled them after the sauce was added. YUM! Also made egg roll bowls with leftover pork and coleslaw mix as to not waste it. I made my own slaw dressing instead of buying an expensive jar.

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