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August 27: Low Spend Grocery Month Challenge

We were supposed to get high and damaging winds last night. So I decided not to put the garbage out last night for fear it would be all over the neighborhood this morning. So I got up at 6am with the alarm. That is very hard for me. I hate getting up with an alarm. I think it goes back to the days that I worked. Any of you hate getting up with alarms too?

West and Hubby are still sleeping. I am so glad that I didn’t wake them up opening the garage door to take it out. It’s very peaceful here right now although it does look like we might get some weather. 

I am enjoying my bullet proof coffee writing to you. West wants scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast today so that is what I will be making when they both get up. Breakfast was half eaten before I remembered to take a picture. 

To celebrate his last dinner here before his parents come, we got McDonald’s at his request. He was happy to get 10 chicken nuggets and some fries. Hubby and I each had burgers and fries which were cold and not very tasty. I understand why we rarely do fast food. The worst part was the bill for this awful food. It was a shock. We had not gotten McDonald’s in well over 2 years. I could have gotten takeout at a restaurant for that price that would have been better. I won’t be making that mistake again. 

I hope you all have a great evening. 

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I despise the alarm! Where do you live? I was thinking the other day that garage doors make a horrible noise. Tommy does not have a garage door, so it was just a thought, not a complaint. It is dinnertime, and i have not had lunch so that looks delicious. I may try to scramble some eggs for my dinner.

Since retiring the alarm is the worst. I had to set 3 times this week for appointments. I like early appointments but not getting up :). Love your new grocery and meal updates. So glad you got time with your grandson. this week I found king syrup molasses back in store thought we would never see again. Going to do inventory to see what I may be needing I feel stocked but want to cover all needs. I agree on fastfood not good at all we have not been to any carryout food since January . Have great day. Off to last appointment of the week. Joyce pa

Hi Joyce,

I hear you on the early appointments and the alarm. I like them too but not with the alarm I am so glad that you found your molasses. Good luck with the inventory. That is how I find out where my gaps are.

Holy SHIT! I've not been to a McD in 20+ years? That cost is outrageous!

No alarms for me anymore-retired last year 🙂

Hope you have a terrific weekend!

I'm not crazy about the alarm either, but I do get up earlier when I use one and my body alarm gets used to it. Isn't the price of McDonald's ridiculous for what you get? I remember when the price of a Big Mac went up to lie $5 or $6, I just quit buying them. The may have come down in price now though. It's ridiculous that a person can spend close to $10 for a burger, fries and a drink. I thought it was terrible when it went over $5, now it's just unreal.

One of the best parts of COVID is not having to wake up with an alarm. I wake up naturally around 6 am every day, and still have time to get in a workout before my first meeting.

We avoid fast food. We occasionally get In & Out, which is at least really great tasting fast food, even if quite unhealthy. My husband gets the protein burger (in lettuce, no bun). We can feed the four of us for around $30, and two of those are teen boys – Sam usually orders two double doubles. So, a better deal all around, I'd say

Hi HP,

Yeah on your schedule for work.

When we lived in AZ, I loved In and Out Burger. We don't have one here. But Five Guys is similar and quite tasty.

I rarely, if ever eat at McD. We have a regional fast food place where I can get a 1/4# cheeseburger, large FF and drink with a senior discount for $6.73. And it is always hot and tasty. McD never agrees with my stomach. If we do any other fast food it is Taco Bell (DH's favorite) Arby's or Culver's or once in a blue moon, Burger King. Personally I don't think most restaurant food is very good. Dh likes to eat out. He thinks he's "helping" me by taking me out, which is very sweet. I've told him that most places have either good service or good food, but rarely both at the same place. I can cook so much better than most restaurants, especially since we like simple, home-style meals. And I can do it cheaper!
PS I always like seeing what you are cooking and your grocery hauls. Keep on. 🙂

Hi Kay,

I will never get food from there again. Just awful! That sounds like a great meal at a great price. I do like Arby's too and Burger King for their croissant sandwich for breakfast. We can cook a lot healthier than the restaurants. You don't know what they are even cooking your food in. Thanks for your kind words.

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