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August 28: Low Spend Grocery Month Challenge

It is hard for me to believe that West went home tonight. I am truly going to miss him. These two weeks have flown. We have had a lot of fun. He told me when I hugged and kissed him goodnight last night that he will really miss us and can’t wait to come back again for another visit. I think that can be arranged.

I again made scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast. he loves that. We all had the same.

My son and daughter in law came and to had dinner with us tonight and then they took West home. He can’t wait to see his two Anatolian shepherds. He has missed playing with them.

I cooked a large boneless leg of Australian lamb that I purchased in May for dinner. We love lamb and so do they. But this piece of meat was just too big for the two of us. We would be eating leftovers forever. So they will help us eat it. I roast it in the oven with beef consomme, tomato sauce, garlic, oregano, salt, and pepper. It all makes a nice gravy and I threw some small potatoes in the last hour or so. We had some corn and cucumbers and tomatoes with it.  We had fudge mint cookies for dessert.

No pictures because I got busy with my family and getting West packed up to go home.

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I love leg of lamb. Funny though, I don't like lamb chops or any other cuts of lamb. We cut slits in it and stick in chunks of garlic and salt and pepper the whole thing. Your way sounds delicious too, I may try that next time. I used to love spending a week with my grandparents. West is lucky to have you.

Hi Mary,

Thanks so much for telling me how you roast it. I will try that. I got this recipe out of a cook book from the 1960's. We have always loved it.If you would like it, I will post the recipe. LMK by leaving a comment. We are lucky to have West and Alexa too. It's so wonderful when they visit.

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