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August 26,2020: Low Spend Month Grocery Challenge

No one was hungry early this morning. So we had brunch. West had pancakes again. Hubby had chicken, pasta, celery and mayo salad made from the extra pasta I cooked yesterday. I had a collagen and antioxidant yogurt with a little of this keto granola sprinkled on top.

It is getting very humid out right now and is supposed to continue through Friday. But I am not complaining because we are supposed to have the worst winter in the country this winter. So I will just enjoy the rest of the summer heat and this autumn. 

Today is a relaxing day again. West is playing a game on his cellphone. Hubby is trying to figure out how to update the printer software when the information they say is on the back of the printer is not there and he needs it. I think he has written them. 

I am going to watch some You Tube videos and do some paperwork this afternoon.

Hubby and West will spend some time chatting outdoors. They do it every afternoon and I listen to them giggling. It makes me laugh. I can’t believe that West will be going home on Friday evening. It seems like he just got here. It always seems that way when my granddaughter visits too. The time passes way too quickly.  

Dinner was pick your own from leftovers that needed to be eaten. I heated up the mashed potatoes, chicken, and gravy and put that and the pasta salad on the table. West and I finished the mashed potatoes and gravy with chicken. Hubby had the pasta salad. There is some pasta salad left for lunch or brunch tomorrow. 

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