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August 25: Low Spend Grocery Month Challenge

It is a beautiful windy day here. We are going to spend some time outside so that West can get his fresh air.

For breakfast this morning, I made pancakes with real maple syrup which West gobbled up. Here are the leftovers which he can have tomorrow morning. I ate some more cottage cheese. Hubby is out getting his haircut so I assume he will make something to eat when he gets home. 

Dinner last night was pasta salad. When my sons were growing up, it was one of their most requested meals. West wanted to try it. So not following the menu this week is becoming a theme.

My pasta salad is easy. It is cooked large shells, pepperoni, cheddar cheese, black olives and diced fresh tomato. I use Italian dressing that I make with the Good Seasons packet. West ate two big bowls. I guess he liked it. Here is a picture of my bowl.

I am sorry that I didn’t get this posted last night. I was exhausted and fell asleep before I posted it.

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Pasta salad sounds great. I'm uninspired for dinner tonight, but think I'll make a chicken salad of some sort. I've defrosted rotisserie chicken, so perhaps a chicken curry salad on toasted buns, with a side of LOTS of fresh tomatoes? We have so many tomatoes from the garden!

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