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August 24: Low Spend Month Grocery Challenge and a Junk Grocery Haul

We had bacon and over easy eggs for breakfast this morning.

Today was a day of relaxing and playing games with West. Hubby mowed the lawn and I did some more laundry.

Dinner was ramen noodles for West and Hubby. I had some cottage cheese and tomatoes.

I did some grocery shopping yesterday. I think it will be last shop of the month for me.

I went to Top’s to do a few deals. One of which gave me a free rotisserie chicken because I purchased 10 boxes of on sale Pasta Roni for my basement stockpile.  West wanted peanut butter M&M’s. He says they are so much better than Reese’s pieces. Three cans of chicken breast because we love chicken salad for lunch sometimes so I rotate these through my stockpile.

Hubby likes vienna sausage so these are my first two cans in a very long time to put in my pantry.  I decided to try these flatout wraps since they are low calorie and low carb and they were B1G1F.  

The cookies and ice creams were all on sale with coupons available too. They will get eaten by Hubby and West. I found West’s hot dogs which are Ball Park Beef. I could not believe how expensive ($5.99) they were. The yogurts were all free with printable coupons and a digital Top’s coupon.

The bread was needed for grilled cheese sandwiches this week.The SteakUmms were on sale and make an easy meat with eggs in the morning. The bacon was on sale with a Top’s coupon and the eggs were $.99 a dozen.   

The total came to $ 59.09 which leaves me $ 11.12 left in
my grocery budget for the rest of the month. That will be used for milk or something else that I might need. 

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You can typically find those hot dogs on sale near Memorial Day or the 4th. Perhaps make a note for next year & stock some in your freezer? I'd say $2.99 is a good price near me.

I have late calls tonight, so we'll be having leftovers: kebabs, rice & yogurt sauce, with grilled garden tomatoes

Hi HP,

Thanks for the tip on the hot dogs. I will keep that in mind and get some for the grandchildren's visits next summer. Your dinner sounds scrumptious.

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