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Frugal Things The Past Week or So

These are the frugal things we have done the past week or so:

– Hubby needed replacement brush heads for his electric toothbrush. He had a $5.00 rebate form for buying them. I found that they cost the same amount on Amazon and Walmart. They never seem to go on sale. So I spent the $19.78 to have them delivered via my Amazon Prime. I mailed in the $ 5.00 rebate form today. When we need something, we always try to get a rebate on it. 

– For 11 days, I skipped the monthly grocery shopping. We had plenty of food to choose from our main pantries and refrigerator/freezer. 

– I ordered a Christmas gift for a person who will love it. I got it $10.00 off. It’s never too early to start looking for sales on Christmas gifts.

– I washed and dried our SUV in our driveway. I also cleaned the entire inside. Our car is like new with only 34,000. miles and it is over 13 years old.

– I washed our clothes and West’s clothes using cold water detergent and Lysol sanitizer. I hung most of them to dry. I used the wool dryer balls for the ones I dried in the dryer. Those balls cut many minutes off the dryer time plus you don’t use dryer sheets.

– Our electric and natural gas bill came for the past month. We used less KWH and the same natural gas but the bill was $4.00 higher than last year. I was curious to know why so I looked at both bills. It looks like there was a rate increase. I guess I am going to have to really concentrate on lowering these bills again.

– I cooked most meals from scratch. We did do take out from KFC.

– I picked up two more free frosting buckets for storage from Top’s.

– Both Hubby and West want ramen noodles for dinner tonight. I don’t understand why they like them so much. I will not be eating them. YUCK!

– I got a free rotisserie chicken at Top’s yesterday.

– I have spent a lot of time training West to turn the lights and TV off in his room. He is always leaving them on when he is not in there.

– We have spent many days playing board games. That is frugal entertainment and lots of fun. 

– Even with West here, I have been getting my exercise in on the treadmill. 

– The toothbrush heads arrived so I filled out the $5.00 rebate and mailed it in.

– We have been using the automatic timer on the sprinkler system to water the lawn all summer. No water wasted because we forget to turn it off.

What have you done frugally the past week or so?

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We've been using up garden produce, I used a few coupons on grocery items we needed. I've continued to list things on eBay, although sales are very, very slow.

We line dry almost all our clothes. The only things we dry in the dryer are: sheets, towels & socks. Everything else gets hung on a drying rack. It helps the clothes last longer, as a side benefit.

On the non-frugal side, we've had to run our AC more than usual, both because of the heat wave & because the air quality is terrible due to fires. We can't keep our windows/slider doors open to get fresh air, as we normally would.

Hi AD, this is Chris. My best deal was the whole pork loin I got for .99/lb and hubby smoked yesterday. I had $20 in Kohls cash and used it to get something for my granddaughters before it expired. We did a good job of eating our leftovers last week. We hate to waste food. This past weekend we spent relaxing at home. Hubby has been so busy at work and he needed some down time. The fix he thought he made on our shower did not work, so he is having to investigate further. Luckily we have another bathroom we can use for showers.

I am with you on the Ramen noodles. They fry those things first and the sodium in the seasoning is deadly with salt! How do you get free chicken? My car is 12 years old with only 50,000 miles, but I bought it used.

I had the handy hub re-purpose a useless/unused 24" bedroom closet into a fully shelved bathroom pantry,sorted all of the stuff that has been in bins and now I know exactly what we have, what we need and we never need to buy again. Lots more A/C usage here as well with the high temps and the smoke/ash from fires both here in CO and from CA.

Hi Patti,

Yeah on the bathroom closet redo. It's amazing what we have in our homes when we sort them all out. I sure hope those wildfires go out soon. UGH!

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