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August 17: Low Spend Month Grocery Challenge

I could not eat anything today but applesauce and scrambled eggs. So I had one for breakfast and one for an early dinner. West had mac and cheese. Hubby had a turkey sandwich.

Because I was not eating a regular dinner, Hubby and West voted to have me make the homemade pizza for dinner tonight. So I made them a pepperoni one. 

I played a bunch of games of Blokus with West. That game is fun. Then we played one of his games online. Tonight we are going to watch “The Greatest Showman” on Disney.

Other than these things, I had an afternoon appointment. Nothing exciting today.

I hope you all have a great evening.

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Frugal win for the day. I sold a Blazers jersey for my sister on eBay. It's been listed for a month & I've received a bunch of very low offers, but finally sold it much closer to the listing price. It's now packaged & in the mail, & I transferred the money to her. She's just getting started with eBay, so preferred I handle a few bigger options. I have a bunch of my own items listed, so quick & easy.

Our lovely neighbor has occasionally made food for the boys, knowing we don't have a kitchen. Today she brought over a homemade mac & cheese. So sweet.

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