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August 16, 2020: Low Spend Grocery Month Challenge

My son brought West this morning and he stayed for breakfast. We had home fries, sausage links, and scrambled eggs. No picture because we were busy getting West settled in. Plus I like to chat while I cook with them and then it slipped my mind.

But look at what my son brought from his garden. I definitely do not have to buy veggies this week. I had planned tomatoes and cucumbers on my menu. Now I am all set. The eggplant he gave me before was delicious so I will be cooking these for lunches. The cherry tomatoes will show up in salads. YUM!

He also made us another jar of dill pickles. He told me he was having trouble finding more jars. He had only purchased 6 when he first started doing this. I guess they are in short supply in the stores right now. Well by being the prepared person I am, we went to my stockpile and he took home a case of brand new jars with lids and rings.  

For dinner, we had hamburgers and cheeseburgers(person’s choice) and French Fries. I had mine on a plate with mushrooms and monterey jack cheese.  West’s is pictured above before he put his condiments on. Hubby had a cheeseburger with provolone cheese and fries too.

I am spoiling West rotten. He had ice cream for dessert. We watched some shows on Disney today. He got to play games on his phone and tablet. He is enjoying being here.

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Sounds like a great day for West. We also had burgers, although opted for the easy route with premade tri tip burgers from Costco. They were delicious, but more than we'd normally pay by quite a bit. Worth it without a kitchen, as they are cheaper than takeout.

We are hoping everything but the final cabinets will be done by end of the week. It will be amazing to have a sink, oven & dishwasher again!

Great haul on the veggies! Pickles are getting hard to find around here and those look so good. I wandered over to the church garden yesterday and got cherry tomatoes, spaghetti squash, bell pepper and 2 yellow squash. I have always had permission to pick whatever I like (we cut the lawn)but never have….not anymore!

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