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August 15: Low Spend Grocery Month Challenege and Menu Plan

I did not leave the house today. So no gasoline or money was spent. 

Here is our menu plan for the next week:

Saturday: Turkey Club Salads

Sunday: Hamburgers and French Fries, tomatoes and cucumbers

Monday: Melt in your mouth Chicken Breasts, Broccoli

Tuesday: Spaghetti and Meatballs with a side salad(West’s favorite)

Wednesday: Leftovers 

Thursday: Hot Dogs, dill pickles, and a side salad

Friday: Homemade Pepperoni Pizza

As you can probably surmise, our menu is made up of things that a 10 year old boy will eat. These are all favorites that West loves. Next week’s menu will be geared around his tastes also.

That is breakfast pictured above. I have to eat the leftover broccoli up this week. Hubby had a ham sandwich.  

For dinner tonight, we had our turkey club salads. I love black olives so I added those to mine. I added some Skinny Girl Poppy seed salad dressing to mine. Hubby likes Caesar dressing on his. 

Tonight I will be going to bed early. My son and West will be here early in the morning for breakfast and then West will stay with us for two weeks. I am so looking forward to having fun entertaining him.

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