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August 14: Low Spend Grocery Challenge Month

Today was a lazy day for me. Do you sometimes have lazy days? All I have been doing is puttering in my stockpile to try to make better use of the room I have.

Breakfast this morning was banana bread spread with cream cheese. Not Keto but it needed to be used up before it spoiled. One loaf I gave to my son’s family and West is really enjoying it. Hubby finished it up when he got up. 

About lunchtime, I was a little bit hungry so I ate a hard boiled egg with a little salt.

We had no leftovers this week. So for dinner, I made Low Carb Turkey Cutlets with Dijon Sauce. I pulled some frozen turkey cutlets from the basement freezer and found some dijon mustard in my stockpile. I skipped the little bit of regular flour this called for so that it was Keto. Almond flour is a staple in this household. 

I did not have any poultry seasoning but I did not run out to the store to get it. I made my own homemade poultry seasoning. I did not have the brand of chicken rub that was suggested so I used my own that was in the cupboard.

I skipped the salt and used Primal Kitchen mayo which is Keto friendly. I also used avocado oil instead of olive oil because I did not want to overpower the taste of the sauce. You only have to cook the turkey for a couple of minutes on each side so that it stays tender. The cutlets are thin so they cook quickly. I removed the oil before I made the sauce. There was so much seasoning on each cutlet that I was not worried about dumping some of the seasoning along with the oil. I reduced the sauce by a 1/3 and it thickened nicely.

Hubby raved about this and I loved it too. We each ate 2 cutlets because they were thin and this was delicious. It’s easy and I will be rotating this in our meal schedule at least once a month. I served mine with broccoli and Hubby made a side salad to go with his. 

I hope you all have a nice evening.

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Just getting caught up after spending almost 2 weeks taking care of Mom. I have loved every post and your simple eating. Yesterday after we all traveled home from different areas, the 3 of us ate 2 Tombstone pizzas, we were so hungry! With the guys working long distance M-F they buy their own food for the camper and I will eat very little during the week so I like to make large meals on the weekends for them. Haven't decided what I will make yet this weekend.

Hi Patti,

I hope your Mom is doing well. Tombstone pizzas are yummy. That is smart to keep pizzas in the freezer for busy days.Have a great weekend.

I am very slowly moving food to a bedroom so I can organize better. I only use salt, pepper, and sage for poultry. That is the taste I grew up with and prefer. I boiled eggs way too long and have to eat them…lol.

Hi AD, this is Chris. I boiled some eggs yesterday also, we had tuna salad for supper. It was so good. I always forget about tuna salad, but it is a good thing to have for supper in the summer. I boiled some extra eggs for hubby to have for breakfasts. I did my weekly grocery shopping at Kroger and also got a few h/ba items on deep discount with their buy 5 save $5 sale. .49 shampoo for one thing. That is a good price in these days.

The tomatoes are starting to come on in hubby's garden, hopefully we can keep up eating them, but will share what we don't eat. We had some sliced tomato on our leftover tuna salad sandwiches for lunch today. There is nothing like a garden tomato…. YUM!.

Hi Chris,

Yum on the tuna salad. I was thinking about tuna when I made my menu. But West does not like any fish. Wow! I have never gotten shampoo that cheap since most of the coupons disappeared.

I love tomatoes. I will be putting my veggie haul from my son's garden up in my post today.

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