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August 13: Low Spend Month Grocery Challenge

First thing after I woke up and had my apple cider vinegar water, I jumped on the treadmill for my daily exercise. That always gets my day off to an awesome start.

When I was done, I decided to pressure cook a dozen eggs so that we have quick hard boiled eggs for breakfast, snacks,and/or or egg salad.

While those were cooking, I threw a pound of bacon in the oven to cook. I always under cook my bacon a little because we use it for a few days and heat it up in the microwave. That way it doesn’t get too overcooked.

My breakfast was two hard boiled eggs and two pieces of bacon. Hubby made some egg salad to have with crackers. 

I did some more cleaning today along with 3 loads of laundry. I got hungry about 1PM so I sliced up about a 1/3 of a fresh cucumber and ate it for a quick snack. 

Since my house is clean and the laundry is done, I will take a good look at the Southern Keto cookbook that came in the mail yesterday. Then I can make my menu for next week and perhaps incorporate something new.

Hubby grilled filet mignons for dinner. I made him a side green salad. I cooked up some fresh green beans and some mushrooms to accompany mine.

How are your stockpiles for the fall and winter coming along? I think I have enough soup now for cold winter lunches or brunches to get us through.  

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Hi AD,
I finally got my paper products back to where I want them! Also did a Costco run for meat. I picked up a 6.5# whole beef tenderloin for $8.99#. After removing fat and silver skin, we ended up with 4# of steaks – so about $14.50#. I think that's a good price. Stores around here sell for 19.99# and there is still fat and silver on them. My freezer is now almost full, so that makes me very happy. Still trying to get a turkey breast bone-in. Is there a shortage of turkeys? Love your idea of keeping hard boiled eggs and cooked bacon on hand. I am going to do that this weekend. Great stockpile on the soup. That is one of my next endeavors. That and getting back to buying on sale and using coupons on a regular basis. Have a great evening.

Hi Kathy,

That is a fantastic price. I haven't seen it here for under $ 13.99 a lb. I haven't seen turkey breast on sale either. I have no idea if there is a shortage.Yes, I would love to see good sales but there are not many right now nor do there seem to be any good coupons.

Your filet mignon with mushrooms and green beans looks delicious. I am waiting for the air fryer to cook hamburgers, so I am hungry, anyway. Do you not eat salad? That is a lot of soup! But, it will be a long cold winter!

Thanks. We eat a ton of salads but not at every meal. Matter of fact since we have no leftovers, we will be salads with some kind of meat tomorrow night.

I haven't been stocking up at the moment, and have in fact been eating through most of our prepped freezer food due to our remodel. We buy most items at Costco, so tend to have quite a bit on hand of things like baking ingredients, paper products, cleaning items, canned vegetables, etc. These days, I add them back to the list for replenishing much earlier, to avoid any shortages.

Your dinner looks amazing! I love mushrooms with steak! Yay on your soup stockpile! I am finally calming down about our stockpile. There are still a few things I need to get from Costco (sales are not happening here so I am purchasing more from Costco) but I feel much better going into the next 9-12 months. I will keep looking for sales, but I fear that those are gone for now.

Hi Olga,

I miss Costco. I used to frequent them in AZ. I am glad that you feel you are stockpiled. You are so right baout the sales and deals disappearing.

Hi AD, this is Chris. My stockpile is coming along pretty well. I did find some tissues on sale, but was only able to buy 1 multi pack, since it was on a digital coupon deal at Kroger. I agree with the poster above about the turkey breasts, I haven't found a deal on them all year also. Took the last one out of the freezer and hubby is going to smoke it tomorrow. We will share with our daughter and her family. I was excited to see Meijer is going to have the boneless pork loins on a good sale next week and I will be picking up a few of them for the freezer so hubby can smoke. They are one of our favorite meats that he smokes.

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