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This Week’s Grocery Haul

I have been so busy today with cleaning and cooking that I almost forgot to put up this week’s grocery haul. 

These are the prices I paid. As you can see I shopped at Aldi’s and spent $ 44.96 which came out of my July grocery budget.

Hubby was asking for blueberries which he loves in muffins and pancakes. This price of a $1.69 is the best I have seen. So I picked up two packages and froze them flat right away. When they were frozen, I transferred them to a freezer bag so that I can just take out what I need when I make these things for him.  

The broccoli, romaine and celery were needed for our meals this week. My lemon juice bottle is almost empty.

Hubby requested this Italian dressing so I got him a big bottle. I love the cheese wraps and I am so happy that my Aldi’s is carrying them now. So I picked one up. 

I have to admit that the roasting chicken sauce was an impulse buy. We will try it and then if we like it, I will try to make it from scratch. I also treated us to the Panino tray for quick snacks. Both Hubby and I like these. Usually, I make our own but I grabbed it anyhow.  

The half and half was needed for coffee. The tomato sauce will be added to my stockpile.

The pistachios are my favorite nut besides macadamias. But macadamias are not in season right now which makes them expensive. The pistachios were a great price of $ 5.99. These I snack on.

Lastly, the cherry pie filling will be subsidizing the pie cherries that Hubby picked from our tree. I wanted to make sure that I have enough to make pies for the holidays.  

The one thing that you see missing is meat that we cook with. The prices have risen so high here and the sales were non existent. So we ate meat, shrimp, and poultry out of our freezer this week. We used chicken legs, organic grass fed ground beef, filet mignon, and shrimp. Until I see a good deal or the prices come down, I am not buying meat or seafood.

Did any of you get any great buys this week? Please share with all of us.  Did you have any good meat deals this week?

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Hi AD, this is Chris. We did have a good meat deal this week and hubby is going to make it on the smoker this weekend: whole pork shoulder for.99/lb. We are going to share with our daughter's family who has the new baby. I also bought a whole watermelon to cut up and share with them. I did get some snacks this week on the Meijer 10/10 sale and the Kroger sale, but tried to get ones hubby likes and I don't so I am not tempted. LOL!

Like you, I am not going to buy chicken until it is on sale. There were no bargains on meat I buy and eat. This may seem silly, but as I was staring at a shelf, I noticed that Suddenly Salad was marked $1. That is less than half price. So, i got 12 and went back for another 12 in my favorite flavor–bacon and ranch. These are better than cake for me. I will only eat one each month. Yes, I am planning very long term.

We have chicken on sale here for $1.99 a lb this coming week. However, I am not going to buy any. I have plenty of chicken that I purchased at $ 1.49 for chicken breasts and $ .79 for legs. Yeah on the salad. Hubby likes one of those once in a while.

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