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I Am Practicing For Next Month

I am practicing this week for something I will be doing all next month. To do this I am watching every penny that I am spending this week.

Making a shopping list was a priority yesterday. Today I shopped at 4 stores. Don’t worry, I didn’t spend much gasoline running around. I get 19 miles per gallon with the SUV. I ran my errands in a circle so I drove a total of 11.6 miles round trip. My gasoline cost me $ 1.859 per gallon the last time I filled up. So my shopping trip cost me about $.84 in gasoline. I am pretty sure I saved that much money by shopping at 4 different stores.

First, I went to Niagara Produce which has the best freshness, quality and price on cold cuts in my area. Hubby has not had deli cold cuts since the illness hit. He asked for some this morning so I obliged. The ham was on sale for $ 5.99 a lb. and the turkey was $6.99 a lb. I only purchased about 1/2 lb. of each.

I also picked up some turkey breast cutlets that were $ 3.99 a lb. Chicken breasts are on sale at Top’s this week for $ 1.99 a lb. but we have so much chicken that I wanted something different. I got a loaf of rye bread because I will be cooking a corned beef( bought on sale last St. Patrick’s day) later this week and Hubby loves his reuben sandwiches.

Next stop was Dollar Tree. I had a $ .75/2 coupon that I was not going to waste.

Aldi’s was my next stop. I picked up two more packages of blueberries to freeze for pancakes and muffins. They were still at the great price of $ 1.69 each. Applesauce was on sale for $ 2.50 each at Top’s but I was pretty sure that it was cheaper at Aldi and I was right. Pistaschio’s are my guilty pleasure. They were still on sale for $ 5.99. We needed creamer and Hubby needed swiss cheese for his reubens.

The last stop was Top’s. Hubby was craving corn. They had them at 5 ears for $2.00. I don’t normally eat corn but it is a favorite and in season so I will have one with dinner tonight. I will be cooking 3 of them in the microwave for dinner.

Cheetos and the Poppables are for snacks in the stockpile. Bacon was a coupon item for $ 3.99. The lettuce was also a coupon item for $.99. Fresh green beans are $.69 a lb. I am soaking them in vinegar right now since who knows who touched them. Eggs were on sale for $.99 each. The 18 pack of Gatorade was on sale for $8.99 and you instantly got a Free 6 pack of Gatorade Juiced with it. It was a great deal especially since West will enjoy the Juiced when he comes to stay for two weeks soon.

My total for today was $ 58.48. It would have been much higher but I crossed 17 items off my list last night that were wants not needs this week. I do have to pick up a few more needed items later in the week on my way to run a non grocery errand.

I will be back tomorrow with a post about what I am going to do in August.

Did any of you get any good deals lately?

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Hi AD, this is Chris. I am intrigued about what you are going to be doing for August. Since I commented on your last post about frugal things, I have not been to the store. Hubby made the pork butt over the weekend and it was delicious. I roasted some potato wedges, and we cut up the whole watermelon I got last Fri and bagged some of it. We took part of the food over to our daughter and her family to help with things for them. They are still doing ok with the new baby, but are going to keep the older granddaughter home from daycare for a few more weeks since they are not really in a good routine yet.

One thing that hubby did over the weekend was to replace the water line to our icemaker from a plastic one, to one of the more heavy duty kinds. He also picked some of his pickling cucumbers and made another container of pickles. He picked the first zucchini this morning and we are going to have it with our supper tonight.

I also buy that applesauce at Aldi and it is a favorite here with everyone.

Hi Chris,

Yeah on not shopping! Good for you. I would be keeping the granddaughter home from the daycare just to make sure she doesn't carry anything home to the baby. I am so happy that your daughter and family are doing well with the new baby.

Looks like Hubby was very busy doing DIY.

We like their applesauce too. I had purchased it before but never put the price in my pricebook. I did today.

So excited to see what your august plan will be. My stocking up is filling up and shelves seem to be looking better. Always looking for tips to make groceries go further. Joyce pa

I am glad you figured your gas for folk who are gasping at so many stores! While it is sort of a foolish buy instead of meat and potatoes/vegetables type food, i found Suddenly Salad for $1 box, so i bought 12 and went back and got 12 more. I love the stuff but have vowed to only eat one each month.

Yes, my stores aren't too far apart. I have lots more stores but they are a distance away so I combine those shops with non- grocery errands. I love, love your Suddenly Salad buy.

I cannot wait to see what you will be doing in August! I have been filling in the missing pieces in our pantry and our cleaning/personal hygiene supplies. I am trying desperately to do this as things go on sale, but I have to be honest with you, I am not seeing very many sales at all, so my husband and I discussed our finances and we are taking money out of our savings account to make sure that we are stocked for 6-12 months. I have to believe that prices are going to continue to increase, so any money we spend now should pay off down the road. I also purchased extra dried beans, oatmeal, rice and pasta. I am thankful for my husband being able to keep working from home, but I am gearing up for a depression/recession. I did not live through the last one, but I am reading everything that I can to be as prepared as we can be.

Hi Olga,

I agree with you that prices will rise even more. They have to with all of the spending our government is doing to combat things caused by this. So we will have massive inflation. I have been through many a recession over my lifetime and the news media always tells you it is going to be way worse than it really is.

Very curious about your August plans and can't wait to read about them. I love Rye bread too, and it has been a while since we have had any, so its on my list now!

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