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Frugal Things The Past Couple of Weeks

This July has been the one of hottest on record here. I think we had one day that wasn’t in the 80’s or 90’s. Because of that we have used more electricity to air condition our home and to run our dehumidifier in the basement to keep my pantry dry. So I cut back in other areas by not doing laundry as often, using cold water when I do wash, hanging clothes to dry, making sure that no lights were on in daylight, turning off computers when they are not being used, and watching very little television. Hubby has set our air conditioner for 75 instead of our normal 72. We saved on natural gas by not using the dishwasher and  washing dishes by hand with a minimal amount of hot water. We have an on demand tankless water heater so it is not as expensive as having a standard water heater.  I also did very little cooking with our gas stove. Most of our cooking has been on the grill or in the air fryer.

We have been watering our lawn every other day in the early morning when it is not as hot out. We have been using the sprinkler system timer. Finally, we had a soaking rain so we shouldn’t have to water for a few days.

I have been saving the shower warm up water to water our outdoor hanging baskets. 

We have received $8.00 in rebates and I submitted $ 17.00 in rebates for two bottles of liquor that Hubby wanted. He has been restocking our bar bottles. 

Our fan would not work in the master bathroom. Hubby traced it to the timer switch. I ordered a new one and paid for most of it with reward points. It came quickly and Hubby put it in. It is nice to have that fan back to get the moisture out of the bathroom after showers. 

Instead of watching television, I have been reading Behind The Green Mask:U.N. Agenda 21. What an eye opener that book is.

I have not had any shorts to wear all summer because of my weight loss. I have looked and looked for shorts that aren’t ripped or so short that I won’t wear them. It has been impossible to find ones I like. So I went to Running’s today in the hope that they might have a pair or two that I could use for the rest of the summer. It has been pretty hot wearing my jeans. They had none left. I will have to keep looking or go without until spring. If anyone who reads from Buffalo has seen shorts anywhere, please let me know by leaving a comment.

Our meals were all made at home from scratch with the exception of one weekend night, I made a frozen pizza.

My son and grandson came to visit on Sunday. We had scrambled eggs, bacon, apple juice, and homemade cheddar biscuits for breakfast. It was so good to see them.

I have been using the treadmill and recumbent bike every day for exercise.

My subscribe and save order came last weekend. They kept telling me that the Hubby’s Green Mountain Decaf K cups were out of stock. They said they would notify me if they got them back in. They never did so I wasn’t expecting them to show up. As you can see, they did. The panty hose are for a project. I bought the cheapest ones I could find. They are fine for what I need them for. The Gatorade both liquid and powdered are for my stockpile. West loves the sugar free Ice Breakers so they are a treat once in a while for him.

I paid $7.78 for 12 cans of spaghetti sauce that I use as a base for my homemade sauce or $.65 a can. I paid $ 1.29 per can for 12 cans of Campbell’s Chunky Chicken Noodle soup. Both deals were a phenomenal price for me.  My entire order came to $92.40 which comes out of my stockpile budget.

We have been cooking enough for two days each time we cook to save both time and energy.

The SUV needed a bath so I washed it in the driveway using the pressure washer. I also cleaned the windows and inside. I do not pay for car washes in the nice weather. 

What have you done the past couple of weeks frugally?

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What a few weeks it's been! I'm counting not eating out (minus Saturday, x2 when we had no water) as a big win, considering our kitchen is being remodeled & we're washing dishes in the sink & "cooking" with the microwave.

Other than that, lots of eBay sales & new listings. We sold a bike & a jacket on Facebook marketplace.

Used a few coupons at the store, and used our garden produce in various salads.

Hi AD, this is Chris. This week hubby got enough of the pickle cucumbers from his garden to experiment with making a container of pickles that he put in the refrigerator. They are not ready to eat yet. He is also getting a lot of cherry tomatoes, which is good. None of the other tomatoes are ready yet.

This is not very frugal, I guess, but I did want to mention the hoppity hop toys I got for our granddaughter and our little neighbor boy who shares the same birthday as hubby were a big hit with them, and they have been hopping around in our backyards having fun with them. They also like to tie a rope to them and pretend that they are doggies and they like to walk them. Of course the "doggies" have many times they go to the bathroom on their walks. LOLOL! I spent $13.75 on each of them, and I think they will get that much enjoyment from them before they outgrow them.

Hi Chris,

Yeah on the homemade pickles. My son made some and had a jar for us but forgot to bring it last weekend.

Kids are so creative and so cute.

Try Kohl's online, Macy's online and JC Penney. Also you may want to try a sporting goods store for golf shorts and skorts.
It is so hot down here in PA.
Take care and keep writing!!!

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