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Frugal Things The Past Couple of Weeks

These are the things we have done frugally over the past couple of weeks.

 I purchased a train ticket using the senior discount which saved me about $ 8.00.

I ate a good breakfast before going to the train and took some snacks with me for the long  trip. I wanted to avoid  the cafe car and stay socially distanced. This also saved me money.

My son and granddaughter picked me up at the train station which saved  the cost of a taxi.

Since it is difficult to travel  alone on a train with luggage, I shipped all of my clothing and items that I needed for my stay via UPS. Using my AAA discount it only cost me about $16.00 for a very heavy box.

While I am visiting with family,  Hubby is getting  a lot of things done at home.

My son and grandson visited him.  He cooked them breakfast even though my son offered to pick something up. 

Hubby and my son emptied the freezer and moved it so that Hubby could lay the last few carpet tiles under it.  I am told that everything that was on top is now on the bottom of the freezer.  That will be a project for me when I get home.

Hubby steam cleaned the master bathroom shower and did some regrouting of tile. He has also recaulked the vanity and sinks. He also steam cleaned the guest bathroom.

Today he is planning on steam cleaning all of our hardwood floors.

I should go away more often!!!!  He is doing so many things to keep himself busy.

Before I left town,  These are the things we did frugally.

We cooked all of our meals from scratch.  We had lamb chops, sea scallops,  filet mignon on the grill,  taco salads,  spaghetti and meatballs,  breakfast for dinner,  chicken fajitas,  salmon and haddock.  Most meals were served with a vegetable or salad.

We  cut chives from our garden for the scallop dish and to put in breakfast eggs. 

I hung almost all of our clothes to dry.

We had not had to water our lawn  much until just before I traveled.  This will decrease our water bill.

I cut some lilacs from the bushes to enjoy on our dinner table.

Our cherry tree was giving us cherries to freeze for pies.

I collected shower water while it was warming up to water our hanging baskets.

We were running ceiling fans on the upper  70 degree days instead of the air conditioning.

When I go home my granddaughter is coming home with me so that she can visit with us and see Hubby for a week or so.  It had been a long 7 months that we had not visited with her.  Being with her for a week now has been PRICELESS!

I will be going home on this Saturday. Family will be driving us home.

I know that it has been hit and miss here during the last couple of months because, of circumstances.  But after my granddaughter goes home,  my posts will be more regular.

Until then,  I will try to fit a post or two in.

Let me know in comments what you have been doing frugally.

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It is good to know that with AAA I can get a discount on shipping. Mostly, we eat at home to be frugal, and I take a sandwich with us to save money and not have to purchase food.

Hi AD, this is Chris. I have been trying to just buy things we need and careful at the grocery to shop the sales. For Father's Day, hubby made a bunch of ribs on the smoker that we had gotten at Costco awhile back. I took advantage of the Father's Day sale at Kohls to get him a few things he needed. I got 2 pr tennis shoes, 1 pr sandals he likes, and 12 pr of white socks for $132.xx. With the Kohls cash I ordered myself a new pair of tennis shoes to replace a worn pair. This week when I have my granddaughter on Thurs. it is my daughter and son in law's anniversary. They are not going out this year since she is so close to have the baby. So I got some T bone steaks out of the freezer and will make a nice dinner so we can all celebrate their love. I am also going to make a poke cake.

I sent you an email with some exciting news about our son, check your spam. I am so glad you are getting some good time in with your granddaughter. <3

Chris had a rare day off Monday so he changed his oil,fixed his truck cap saving several hundred dollars. Even the oil had a rebate….Working on training homework for our lab with anxiety hoping to save money there with what he destroys. Have a great trip!

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