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Frugal Things The Past Five Days

These are the things we have done frugally this past week.

I went to the market with my son. I looked for Crystal Light Peach Iced Tea because I had not been able to find it where I live.  I got 7 containers. Hubby was almost out and he drinks it all the time.  It was on sale.

My daughter in law and son relayed us across the state to get us to my home. That saved us a fortune in not having to rent a car one way. A tank of gas was cheaper. My daughter in law got to see my son`s new home and meet Ludo, their new dog.

We were going to stop at a McDonald’s drive thru on the highway going
back to our home for breakfast. My son let us know the night before that he
would have a nice taco lunch ready for us.  None of us were hungry on
the drive knowing that we had a nice lunch waiting. So we drove straight
through and saved money too. A few hours after lunch my daughter in law
headed back to her home and my son drove us to the Buffalo area to my
home. I am so thankful to them for all the driving they did to get my
granddaughter and and me here. I have a terrific family. I am very blessed. 

My son’s family gave me some empty cat litter containers.  I use them to store dry goods that are in plastic bags to keep any bugs out.

I baked a loaf of chocolate chip pumpkin bread for my granddaughter because she loves it for breakfast. I baked raisin, pecan pumpkin bread for Hubby because that is his favorite.

While the oven was still hot, I baked pizza for dinner for us. 

I was going to bake chocolate chip cookies for my granddaughter. But one of my markets had chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, and July 4th cupcakes B2G3F. She was very happy with these chocolate chips. Now I won’t have to heat the oven up the rest of the week. It’s in the 80’s here this week.

My travel alarm is dead. I was about to buy a new one for $18.  Then I realized I could use my cellphone alarm. Not spending money was a win.

My granddaughter loves Five Guys.  I treated my family to a take out meal  there during the week I was there.  I  was thinking about doing it the night we got back but I knew I would be too tired from the trip.  So I had Hubby thaw a pound of grass fed ground beef and I quickly made burgers.

I had my son stop at Market 32 on the way home from doing something else so that I could pick up some hamburger rolls to bring home for our return dinner last Saturday evening. That way I could just cook and then relax after our long trip.

Hubby removed two large limestone rocks from our front gardens. He did this by breaking them apart. They were too heavy for us to lift. By doing this, we didn’t have to pay to have them removed.

We watched the first two Kingsmen movies on Hulu. They were so good that I can’t wait to see the prequel being released in September. Of course, we will wait until it is on TV.

Last Friday, I took my son out to dinner while my daughter in law and granddaughter went to a birthday party. I took full advantage of my 10% off senior discount.

I had to go grocery shopping to get some things that my granddaughter likes. Hubby was reading the Sunday morning paper and found a $5./50. Top’s coupon that I was able to use. I stocked on Red Baron Classic pizzas because they were on sale for $ 3.50 each. I also picked up 5 cakes mixes for $1.00 each and 5 frostings for $ 1.99 each for my stockpile. I got 5 dozen eggs for $ .99 each. Hot dog and hamburger rolls and hot dogs were on sale too. I picked up 2 large bottles of French’s yellow mustard for $ 2.00 each.  Some of these things are usually at the best prices of the year right now.

The clips that holds the glass in on one of my cupboard doors broke. I ordered some from Amazon so that Hubby can fix it. If it happens again we will have them. I paid using reward points so I only had to pay shipping out of pocket.

Hubby did all the wash while I was away. I washed all of mine that I used while I was away using cold water and hung them to dry.

We received our gas and electric bill while I was away. It was $24. less than this time period last year. It pays to conserve.

What have you been doing frugally? Please feel free to share in comments.

I am working on a blog post about how we are changing our grocery shopping due to the extremely high prices that we are seeing in our markets. That should be posted some time next week.  

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Hi AD, this is Chris. No baby yet. This morning I made banana bread with some old bananas before it got hot. At the same time I baked 6 potatoes so we will have them for suppers this week. Tonight I am going to make salmon patties. It is supposed to be hot all week here also.

I will be interested to read the post about your grocery shopping. I have still been able to be in my budget, but things are getting more expensive here also. I am still trying to only go once a week. I am looking now for a deal on kitty litter and dry cat food since we are getting low on both of them. Not desperate yet, though.

Hi Chris,

Yeah on the frugality. It's hot here too! But with the shade in the backyard, we were able to eat outside. My granddaughter enjoyed that. I hope you find your cat food and litter deals.

Today was not a frugal day per my post today. But, today I did buy enough bread to put in the freezer and not have to drive 9 miles to the bread store.

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