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I Was So Impressed!

I had to go to the Post Office today because we were down to a couple of stamps and I had a gift to mail.  So rather than throw out my disposable mask after that trip, I went grocery shopping.

I had not gone to Aldi’s since before the sickness. I was sad because I really love Aldi’s. I decided to stop there. The reason I hadn’t gone there was because it is so small and I was worried about the social distancing. There was no reason to worry!

I was so impressed not only by the precautions Aldi’s is taking but by the selection of food. Our store is sanitizing their carts, letting you use a cart without putting a quarter in, only letting a certain amount of people in at a time, social distancing strips on the floor at the checkouts, letting you use the same cart to exit the store, and there is plexiglass in front of the cashier.

As you can see in the pictures, I made out well. Every item that was on my list I was able to get. Many were on sale. They were fully stocked. That has not been the case for Niagara Produce or Top’s. Top’s is the worst. When I would go to Top’s, there would be very little meat and the produce was terrible quality. Niagara Produce was low on meat.

The chicken breasts were on sale for $ 1.89 a lb. which is the lowest price I have found in many weeks. There was a limit of 2 which was fine.

I have not been able to find bacon under $4.-$5. a lb. This bacon was $ 3.49 each and there was no limit. The organic ground beef was only $ 5.15 a lb. I think the last time I purchased it, it was $4.69 a lb. So a $ .51 lb. increase is not too bad.

What I found was that most of their prices had not changed and what did go up, did not go up as high as other markets are raising them. I was delighted to see that. 

So Aldi’s will be my #1 store from now on. Sure I will shop other stores for good sale prices when they have stock, but Aldi’s will be where all of their sale items and any non sale items will be purchased. I have already updated my price book with these prices today.

The only other news here is that our region of NYS is supposed to open up for Phase 2 tomorrow. The governor is still making up his mind. He is slower than molasses in January. Phase 2 includes most retail, real estate, barber shops, hair salons, etc. Our dentist reopened today.

My credit union is not opening yet which I find ludicrous. They have had many weeks to get them ready for the safety of employees and clients. But they have not. So our region is open but my credit union you still can’t walk into. However the credit union within a mile of my house is ready to open tomorrow. So hopefully your areas have opened up and things seem a little bit more normal. Well, as normal as they can be here with everyone wearing masks and social distancing. 

Have you gotten any good grocery deals lately?

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No grocery deals as I’m doing 95% of my shopping through Walmart grocery pickup. I wanted to get new scooters for our grands and I even got them on pickup. Mail order was going to take weeks so I was happy.
Our Aldi is doing the same things as yours.

Hi Rhonda,

I was doing the same as you with Walmart pickup. However the last couple of pickups have been disappointing. Lots of out of stock and last minute cancellations of items. I had 13 items cancelled last minute which makes me have to go shopping somewhere else. I might as well just go shopping at the store.

Aldi's was terrific. I felt very safe.

As long as Chris doesn't mind 7AM Saturday shopping,while I sleep in,he can keep going. He lovingly bought me 40 2L of Diet Coke at .99/ea.

I bought huge chicken tenderloins for $1.99/lb at Aldi's. I go there about once every 6 months, but will go for chicken deals. I cannot shop without an electric cart.

I've found no good deals lately. Pretty much nothing is on sale. We only went to Costco last week, and then had a produce delivery box. I'm going to try & trim our grocery shopping way back over the next few weeks, as we are heading out of town after that.

Hi HP,

I am so sorry that you are not finding any deals. Do you at least have a Winc near you? Good idea on the cutting back with a trip coming up.

Hi AD, this is Chris. Thanks for sharing about your Aldi experience. I will be going there probably in the next week or so, whenever I open our last jar of applesauce. I haven't been there yet since the pandemic started.

Yesterday I went to get my hair cut since all of this started. I went to my usual place, which is the local Great Clips. I know that chain has been in the news about one of their stores having a worker with the CV, but I wanted to mention that I felt very safe when I went. The hairdressers were doing a good job. My particular store has been having limits in hours, workers, and a pretty much hands free experience until I paid by credit card and had to touch the machine, but they sanitize. I used hand sanitizer after. I told hubby about this, and he is going to see if he can find one of his styluses for me to take next time to use. Great Clips did a good job with social distancing of workers and customers and everyone was wearing a mask. I will probably wait until our daughter has the baby before I go back. She is 6 weeks from her due date, but she had her first 3 weeks early.

Hi Chris,

You are welcome. I think you will find it to be a good experience like I did.

It has to be so exciting waiting for your new grandchild.

So sorry about the machine. I got my hair done today and they were very careful. No walk ins are allowed in this state, appt. only. Because of that they keep the doors locked and you have to call to tell them when you are outside so they can let you in an relock the door. Chairs were wiped down immediately after you got up from them so I know everything is being kept sanitized. They wash down all equipment. Blow dryers are not allowed to be used yet. So I just came home and blowdryed my hair. It feels great to look good again! My hairdresser swiped my card into her phone. She said they are not allowed to give us a receipt- no paper, no magazines to read. The no magazine was the hardest part for me. But I made it through. We are only allowed to bring method of payment and your cellphone into the shop.

HI. We shopped at our Aldi's yesterday.They really have done a superb job in adhering to the CDC guidelines. I wear a mask but still wear gloves. I still sanitize the items when I get home and before I bring the groceries inside my house.
Aldi's prices were very very good. They still didn't have toilet paper and there are limits on most items. You are limited to only 2 items of any meat, so I buy the largest and go home and split them. I shop at Aldi twice a month now and supplement it with either WalMart online grocery or a local, family owned sorta gourmet grocery store: lots of their own meats, poultry, fruits and veggies. They're expensive and raised our budget but we're not buying much gas these days so it's equaling out.

Hi Cindi,

They have. I don't wear the gloves anymore. I sanitize my hands when I get back to the car and then wash them well when I get home. Yeah on sanitizing the food when you get home. I know they say you don't have to do it now but they have been wrong so many times that I just do what I feel will keep my Hubby and I safe.

I was limited on just the chicken and ground beef. Sorry that you couldn't get t.p. Mine had lots but I don't need any for about a year. I like your method of doing two stores.

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