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In This Day of Sickness, Unrest, and Sadness

We all know that things aren’t normal right now. So many people have died or become sick. Now we have unrest, looting and rioting.

Someone asked me yesterday, “Will anything ever be “normal” again?” I don’t have those answers. I can only do my little bit for humanity. So can you! Everyone can make a difference.

So today, join me in doing something to help someone else. The little things count. Do something to help a neighbor, a child or your local shop owner. Smile at the next person you see. Perhaps that is what they need to feel better today. Take the time to thank someone who has done something nice for you. Do just some little things that will change how you feel and perhaps change the way the other person feels at the moment. These things are the way I feel “normal”. 

I will tell you what I did yesterday and what I plan on doing today. 

Yesterday I had the best day. I actually was out and about in 2 stores. But
the best part was what I found and the thank you I got. My neighbor who
has been so good to us asked me about 6 weeks ago if I would see if I
could get Special K Flatbread Breakfast sandwiches on my Walmart
pickups. Every time I have tried, they were out of stock. She said her 3
year old son loved them and they had not been able to find them in
stock. Today at one of the markets I went to, they had recently
stocked them but they were so popular that people were just grabbing
them. I managed to see that there was some left when the stock boy
showed me where they were. He says how many do you want? I said how many are left? He said 5. I
took them all. I delivered them to my neighbors telling them how excited
I was that I had found them and that they were a gift for their son. A
few hours later he came over with his Mom with a homemade card that he
had been very excited to make me with a little help from his mom. He was
so happy that he is going to be able to have the sandwiches. His
homemade card is wonderful and reminded me of all of the cards and
drawings that my grandchildren made us when they were his age. Getting
that card and the big smile on his face made my day! And I made his!

Today, I am finally going to my hair salon to get this mess of a head of hair taken care of. I am beyond excited about this!  My hairdresser is a private contractor. She has not been able to work because of the shut down for the sickness in my state. It’s been a long time without income for her. Not only will I give her a 20% tip which is my usual but I am going to add an additional $20.00 on to that to help her pay for the sanitary things that they must buy in order to now operate in this state. You all know how expensive those things are. I am happy to help her and I know she will be grateful. 

So please join me in doing something nice for someone today. If you do, please share in the comments what you are doing because maybe it will help someone else decide what to do. It does not have to cost a penny. There are so many things you can do that don’t. Make a difference in someone’s life.

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Your kindness and the thank you from the neighbor boy is so sweet, it made me teary. (I maybe a little over-emotional today.)
Hurray on the hair cut! I live in a more rural area of a large county. Our zip code is good but the county is stuck in phase 1 for now, so sadly no haircut for me. Let me tell you it's not pretty!
My kids have grounded me so i don't have much interaction with others 😐 . I'll make a phone call to another widow and maybe cheer up her day.

Hi Susan,

Thanks. Oh, I hope you go to Phase 2 soon. I got my hair done and I am starting to feel great now. What a difference getting your hair done makes. Mine was not pretty either. My gray roots were about 2 inches long, the rest of my color had highlights had faded so gray was all over with shades of awful light brown mixed in. My hair dresser couldn't believe how bad it was. But almost everyone looks pretty bad right now so you are amongst good company.

Yeah on the phone call. She will love it and it will give you a new voice to listen to.

These are very hard times for sure. I bought someone a baby shower gift, and arranged for a "virtual" shower via the coworkers. I know it's a hard time for her, not to be able to see everyone or say goodbye in her last week of work.

We will also continue to check in on our neighbor, and walk her dog, as she is struggling right now.

Hi HP,

UGH. I sometimes forget how hard it is on people doing special things like having a baby, leaving work, having a birthday or an anniversary. I love your virtual shower idea. I hope she loved it. It's nice that you can help that neighbor.

We occasionally bake for her as well, as I know she doesn't like to bake a big batch of treats just for herself. I have a 13 year old who loves to bake, and a neighbor who loves the occasional treat. Win/win! 🙂

It is a small thing but since it has become extra warm, I leave a can of pop for our mailman in a cooler bag in my box. He really appreciates it and even if we dont get mail he still takes his pop

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