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Frugal Things This Past Week

These are the things we have been doing frugally:

– Hubby grilled 4 large chicken breasts (purchased on sale 4 months ago for $ 1.48 a lb.), that I had cut in half lengthwise, with our homemade BBQ sauce on the grill on Memorial Day. We had tossed salad to go with it. This has fed us all week.

– We have our own cookbook with all of our recipes that we have used over the years. One of them is Hubby’s Mom’s homemade BBQ sauce. Here is the recipe. When we grill with a batch, I add a little cornstarch mixed with a little bit of cold water to thicken it a little so that it is easier for Hubby to baste the chicken with it.

– We love it and make it frequently. I made a double batch on Monday that gave us an extra quart for when we BBQ again. I just keep it in the fridge.

– On Tuesday, I made a huge potato salad to go with the rest of our dinners this week. I had red potatoes that needed to be used. This time of year, potatoes do not last long. It will be great to have a new crop in the fall. 

– This is the end of the potato salad that we had tonight with the end of the BBQ chicken. 

A lot of people would have a problem eating the same dinner 5 nights in a row. But it does not bother us in the least. We only had to cook once to eat all week and that is a win win for us especially since it has been a very warm week here. We had temps in the high eighties and 93 one day which broke a record. I am not complaining since we only turned our heat off last week because it was so cold. The heat has been very enjoyable when we can go into the A/C in the house when we need to.

– I finally got my new purse which was my Mother’s Day gift from Hubby. It was ordered in April( using Rakuten) and was delayed almost a month before we got it. Because of that QVC has given us a $10.00 credit that is in our account for our next order. We will use it on a necessity. Hubby had bought me this brand of purse back in the early 1990’s. It has served me well but it had bit the dust. So this is my new one and I expect that I will get many years of use out of it. Blue is my favorite color so that was a bonus.  

– For some lunches this week, we had Sahlen’s hot dogs which were $ 8.99 for 3lbs. on sale this week. I made mine into chili dogs. Most other lunches were salads. We have been fasting though breakfast and keeping our eating windows within a 6 hour period.

– Hubby submitted a grievance to our town regarding the tax assessment that they want to up us to. They heard him state his case via telephone in a 5 minute time period last night. They informed him that they will make a decision around June 6th and we will get a letter from them informing us of their decision by the end of June. 

– Other than those things, I have been doing the usual laundry and air drying. Cleaning and picking up. Nothing exciting.

What have you done frugally this week?

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Chris went to Home Depot filed his cart but forgot his wallet and so far hasn't felt the need to go back
Started hand shoveling out the area for the shed instead of renting a machine
Pondering trying to fix the lawn ourselves instead of hiring out
Finally replaced a ceiling fan with one we bought 2 years ago and sold the old one for 25.00
NO A/C this week
Renewed the septic maint contract to keep high dollar items in good shape
Changed all the water filters for that same reason
Set up a service appt for the washer that broke again, only 4 years old and the 4th time but under warranty.
Loved having that extra day for projects on Monday

Hi Patti,

I love the story on Chris forgetting his wallet. I gues she didn't need those things after all. You guys are doing great saving a lot of money with your plans.

We have absolutely no trouble eating the same things five days in a row. It cuts down on how much I have to cook. If the food is good, we love it. I bought chicken tenderloins for $1.99/lb. at Aldi's.

Let's see, what have we been up to:
-Eating leftovers (that's a planned event each week)
-Sold two pricier items on eBay this week
-Made $40 by selling old gift cards on Raise
-Trying a produce box delivery, to see if it reduces costs in the long run
-Talked to a neighbor to get permission to trim her tree. $$ in the short term (will require a service, as the tree is incredibly big), but will cut down on yard maintenance in the future, as it drops pine needles & kills our plants

Focused on pushing through this last week of school!

Hi AD, this is Chris. We had a good week. We did turn on our AC a few days b/c it was so humid here. Finally switched out my clothes and took the electric blanket off the bed. I guess summer is really here. We finally got our stimulus check in the mail and I deposited it in savings in case we or our kids need. I watched granddaughter 2 days this week. Hubby got a sandbox for her that our neighbors were going to put in the trash and we set it up in the back yard for her. He got some sand and I got a couple toys at Dollar General, so for $17 she and her sister-to-be will get a lot of good from it. He cooked on the smoker this weekend: a big pork butt one night and a big salmon fillet another. We shared some of the pork with some folks, and had enough left for leftovers and for supper last night with our family. We ate part of the salmon and I am making salmon patties out of the rest of it for supper tonight. Easy peasy. One night I also took some cooked chicken from the freezer and made it with couscous and roasted asparagus for another easy dinner. I am like you and don't like to cook much in the summer when it is hot.

Hi Chris,

It looks like maybe we can turn off the A/C today and open the windows. Yeah on the stimulus check. So gald to hear you got the sandbox set up. I hope they enjoy it.

You meals sounded yummy. Summer always seems like the time for easy meals. Thanks for sharing.

I love that you make your own BBQ sauce. That is so neat. I've been wanting some homemade potato salad lately and I have plenty of potatoes on hand, so I'm going to add that to my to do list for today. It does not bother me to eat the same dinner several nights in a row. I'm glad that I don't have to cook everyday. I think it's also a good way to save money and avoid food waste at the same time.

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