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Frugal Things

These are the things we have done frugally the past week:

– We cooked outside on our grill every night except two. The weather has been just beautiful.

– I made homemade spaghetti sauce and Italian sausage in our pressure cooker. The pressure cooker is so much more energy efficient than the most energy efficient slow cooker.

– The meal above was for two dinners. Cook once eat twice is the way I like to plan.

– Hubby fertilized all of our flowers and bushes with fertilizer that we have had for years. I bought a large bag years ago. 

– I was able finally to get more Lysol Laundry Sanitizer. Amazon finally had it in stock so I got two.

– We ordered some extra cloth masks on Amazon. We have enough now so that I don’t have to wash but once a week. 

– My surgical masks that I ordered 6 weeks ago finally came. I wasn’t sure we were going to get them.

– I weeded our patio pots in case we want to plant tomatoes and peppers this year. I don’t know when the nursery will open so that I can get plants. Perhaps if my son goes to Niagara Produce again he can check to see if they sell veggie plants.

– I cut chives from our garden and made some chive and onion cream cheese. I love it with celery. 

– We realized before Hubby used the grill that there was a leak when he hooked the tank up to the grill. So he took the part off and is going to try to repair it or get a new one. We have been using the grill without this part for the time being.  

– I am hoping our bank will reopen in a week. I have a lot of checks to deposit. 

– We have been spending a lot of time in the backyard just enjoying the sun and heat and our flowering tree the past few days. We enjoyed a fire in the fireplace last weekend when my son and grandson came. We went from winter to summer here in a matter of days. I turned the heat off on Tuesday. Yesterday it was 78.

– I spent a lot of time looking over our budget for the year. I always look at it around May or June to see if it needs an adjustment. Then I look over the past 5 years or so to see where we have been so that I know where we are going. 

– While looking at it, I realized that our gas and electric bills have taken quite a dive since 2015. We were spending close to $2000. a year back then. We are now spending about $1580. a year. Paying attention to conservation really does keep money in our pocket.

– I added water to disinfectant concentrate to refill our spray bottle.

– I made another bottle of eyeglass cleaner from alcohol and water.

– For entertainment, we have been watching movies on Amazon Prime, reading, doing a jigsaw puzzle, and watching car races when they are on. 

What did you do frugally this past week?

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Lots of great wins. For your bank, do they offer an app? My bank has an app, and it allows you to take a photo of the front & back of the check & autodeposit it. I rarely go to the bank, for this reason.

We've been doing similar things: lots of meal prep & waste monitoring, selling things on eBay, repurposing packaging, working in the yard, I tracked down the DMV to get our plates rather than re-doing our smog test…

We have planned for a few "fun" things this weekend with the kids. I think it will likely be a takeout lunch, and possibly picking up ice cream.

Hi HP,

Yes they do but Hubby never gave them our cellphone number so we can't use it for now.

You had a good week. Yeah on the DMV win. We have to get our car inspected soon after opening up. It was due in April.

We took sandwiches and fruit with us instead of buying lunch. And, I am watering vegetables I have planted. My bank is closed, but the drive-up windows are open.

lets see….
Doing things ourselves instead of hiring out. Only A/C on for one evening. DH did another side job to add to his vacation money. Also, we have been very generous with helping/gifting folks hoping to brighten their day

I find it almost impossible lately to be frugal. Food shopping is out of control. Plus we had a few home projects. UGH. Very expensive. Our only saving grace has been to use it up, fix it up and throw away nothing! Make due with what we already have.

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