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Tuesday & Wednesday – April 7 & 8, Our Frugality

I didn’t write yesterday because I was busy trying to get the rest of the windows washed and all of the window tracks and sills cleaned. Just look at those dirty tracks from this past winter. UGH. We have well over 20 windows in our home and it is quite a chore to clean all of them every year.

They are a lot cleaner now. The best part, they are all done.

Not only that but I didn’t have much else to say besides meals and exercise.

Yesterday, we ate sausage and eggs again for breakfast, no lunch, and chicken fajitas for dinner. I had mine in a bowl with a little sour cream and Hubby had his in a wrap. We were all out of peppers both fresh and frozen so we just cooked up onions with the chicken.

I did the treadmill and the bike yesterday and today. I need to stay fit. Sitting around all day is not good for me or anyone else.

We also spent a bit of time in the yard both days. Hubby trimmed back some rosebushes and raked some thatch in a few areas of the yard. We planned on having a fire in our outdoor fireplace but, alas, it rained. It just feels so good to get outside in the fresh air.

Last night I started a list of all of the items that we use on a regular basis for food, household products, and health and beauty aids. Since I know how much we use at a meal and how many HBA and household goods we use in a month, it was easy to figure out how much we would need for a year’s supply of items. I am still working on this list and will do more tonight. I want a complete list to shop from and watch for sales on those items after our country gets back to normal. 

As soon as all of my stockpile is moved back into the pantry, I will know how many items I need to buy to have a year’s worth. I had a few Mormon friends back in Arizona and I learned well from them. Because of them, I had more than enough food to get through this crisis even if I didn’t get a pickup and a delivery for fresh items. It will take a few months to replenish things.

Let me update you on the basement pantry. The contractor I called was out of town and then the coronavirus happened. So since Hubby was waiting to have the contractor put up walls, I decided that we don’t need them anymore. I already have two large walls and the stairwell cuts off one side. It is all framed in but I really don’t need the sheet rock. So that will be many $$$$.’s saved. Hubby decided to prepare the floor for the carpet tiles. I had vacuumed the concrete really well and he had filled a crack in there. But he said he wanted to wash the concrete floor really well before he did the carpet. 

So this morning, after I finished the last few windows, Hubby and I washed the floor in the pantry. We just have to wait a couple of days for the floor to dry and then Hubby can lay the carpet tiles everywhere except under the freezer. We have to wait until our son is able to visit us again to move the freezer so that Hubby can do that. But that is only a few squares. I only have a 7 cu. ft. freezer. It will be much easier to move when it is emptier too. 

In between all of these things, I have put new sheets on our bed and washed the sheets I took off of it. I also did my normal daily load of towels.

You all know that we hire a landscape company to take care of our property for us. We paid them for all of 2020 already because we get a discount if we do that. Well they called yesterday and they are coming on Tuesday to do the spring cleanup. They told us that because of only essential businesses(they are considered essential) being able to work, they could not get mulch. So they would not be able to top dress our gardens. Hubby told them that was fine. 

Fortunately, Hubby bought 9 bags of mulch last year when Home Depot had it on sale. So the day after the landscape company does their work, we will top dress the gardens. The landscape company doesn’t charge us for mulch till they see how much we need so that is more $$$’s saved.

Today, I had scrambled eggs and an avocado for breakfast. 

Tonight for dinner we had something that I haven’t had in a very long time. Diet Coke and pizza! Yes, we have worked so hard this week that I went off my diet for this meal. I think I have had pizza once in the last 13 months and one Diet Coke in 3 years. So this was a special treat. The pizza was homemade. I made a tossed salad to go with it. It was all delicious.

Hubby and I watched “Gorky Park” for entertainment. We had seen it before many years ago in the theater. I also have been watching a new You Tube Channel. I am always trying to learn new things. So I have been watching “Different Russia”. It is very interesting to see how average people live there. 

Tonight is my usual Wednesday evening telephone call with my sister which I am looking forward to.

I hope you are all still healthy and safe. I hope you have a terrific evening.    

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Love the celebratory pizza & drink. Sounds fun! We are staying healthy, working in the yard, listing things on eBay, organizing & cleaning, working out, etc.

We're also focused on minimizing waste, using what we have, etc.

Hi HP,

It was fun.We are doing almost the same things except that I don't so Ebay. Using up what we have has been a biggie for all of us I am sure.

Hi AD, this is Chris. You have been busy! It is a quiet week here. Hubby had to go work out of town for a few days and is on his way home now, I just got a text. I tried to eat down the leftovers while he was gone, but we still have some more. I saw on the news today that our state is doing well with the shelter at home order and the predicted cases of CV have gone down by a lot. I hope they will start opening things soon. It has been a long month.

Hi Chris,

I am happy that you now have Hubby home. That is good news coming from your state. I too hope they open things up in May or June but not unless there is real hope that the virus is gone.

By only buying what was reduced, on sale, loss leaders, and with coupons, I managed to get quite a stockpile of food, enough to last at least a year. It does not have to be costly at all, just a few cans here and there. When I find items reduced at one store, I have to check the best by date. They will have Miracle Whip reduced to $1.50 that is out of date in a week. MW much out of date tastes nasty even though it might not kill me. So, I buy things like tuna on sale with dates in mind. By storing food in glass canning jars, I keep moisture out. But, you probably know all this. Good luck. Basement looks great.

You do great! Ninety percent of my stockpile was bought on sale also. My hope is that as things get back to normal, prices will go down because they have really escalated on a lot of things. Glass jars are terrific and so are buckets with mylar and oxygen absorbers.

The fajitas look delicious. Do you use a marinade? I've been opening windows every day this week and managed to not use the AC. We've had temps around 80 degrees lately, but next week are expecting freezing temps for a night of two. After that, I hope to plant something in my raised planter. I'm starting to miss my garden in our last home. That is something I really need to work on to be less dependent on stores. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Easter to you and husband ❤️
I have plans to clean all the insides and tracks of our windows this week.
We put carpet tiles in our bedroom and they are holding up perfectly. I’m sure y’all will enjoy them in your basement.

I have a few more window tracks to clean and also I want to clean the baseboards in our main room. Its a converted garage so its 36' X 36' and that is a lot of baseboard. We finally got the bed together we bought used last July (only took an hour). Cleaned all the flower beds and have enjoyed some early blooming tulips.

This is going to be a dumb question, but what do you find the easiest way to clean the window tracks? I've tried vacuuming then washing, just washing, nothing seems to work well. I cannot take the screens off several of my windows, so those are the worst ones.
We make homemade pizza at least once a month. I used to love Diet Coke. I probably still do, but I have switched to mostly water, some iced tea (unsweetened) and some Kombucha daily. My "treat" drinks now are either a cocktail (margarita) or hard lemonade. But those only occasionally.

Hi Kay,

I use my vacuum cleaner attachment to pick up most of the dirt. Then a microfiber cloth and a bucket of soapy water to get the rest. Not being able to take the screens off is a problem. Just do the best you can and call it a day. There is never a dumb question.

I love your treats!

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