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Frugal Doings – April 6

These are the things we have done today:

– Even though I was terrified to go out today, I did. We had 4 prescriptions sitting at the Pharmacy that needed to be picked up. I went to the drive thru and used vinyl gloves to put the payment in the tray and take the package from the cashier. Then I put the gloves in a ziploc to throw away when I got home. Next I sanitized my hands.

– Next I put on my mask, goggles and a new pair of gloves because I needed to go to the gas station to fill up the car and a gas can for the lawn mower. I keep hearing about these low gasoline prices. Ours was at $2.35 a gallon. I had no gas points because I have not been shopping. I was happy to see that everyone was social distancing their cars(this was at 8:30am).

– When I was done I put all of those items(except the goggles) in a large ziploc to dispose of when I got home. I put the goggles in a separate bag so that I could clean them at home.

– When I got home, I disposed of the garbage and took the drugs in the house to sit for a few days before we touch them again. I took the gasoline can out of the car and wiped the handle with a Clorox wipe and anything else I had touched on it. I wiped down every door handle inside and outside that I had touched, the gear shift, the remote for the garage door, the window lock that lets you put the window up and down, and the visor.

– Then I disinfected the door knob inside and outside of the house that I had used ans sanitized my googles and washed my hands really well. Next it was time to take a shower and put on new clothes. The clothes I had been wearing including my coat went immediately into the washer. Since I had three loads to do, I used the dryer today except for 5 things that I never put in the dryer. I sanitized each load. 

– Then I made a nice breakfast for Hubby and I. We had sausage and scrambled eggs with melted cheese. I cooked up the entire roll of sausage so we have enough for two more breakfasts. I love cooking once and eating 2 or 3 times. It saves time and energy.

– At breakfast I told Hubby I am not going out again until this virus is mostly gone. I was terrified that someone would be on top of me at the gas pump. Fortunately that was not the case. We both now have 90 days or more of drugs. If we run out of cleaners, we will substitute. If we run out of a food item, we will substitute or go without. If I can’t have it delivered, we are not getting it.

– Hubby and I did the breakfast dishes and then he went outside to move our grill and furniture out of the shed onto the patios. Then he moved the snow blower into the shed. Next he mowed the lawn. We had so much rain that it was getting very long. Our lawn doesn’t look too bad after the winter. Hopefully they will come soon to fertilize it.

– While Hubby worked outside, I worked inside washing windows and doors. I did about 1/4 of them. We have a lot.

– We have lowered our heat about 2 degrees at night and during the day, although in the daytime, it doesn’t run too often right now. Hopefully in another 6-8 weeks we can shut it off.

– Hubby got our Cable TV, Internet and Telephone bill online yesterday. They raised us $30. a month saying the discount plan we were on had expired. I am not happy that we are now paying over $200. a month so will be rethinking it. First I will try to get it lowered.  

– We are having the same dinner that we had the other night tonight. We always eat our leftovers. To throw them out is such a waste of money. So here is my plate from the other night; spinach and a lamb chop. I am hungrier today, so I will probably have 2 small lamb chops instead of 1.

– I placed an order with Amazon two weeks ago. It has been coming piece meal. Hubby had mentioned that he wanted something sweet and salty. So I got the above pictured cookies and Cheez It assortment for him. UPS just delivered it. Hubby is very happy. 

Tonight, I will watch some You Tube and Hubby will watch some TV.

That is it for today. How is your day going?  

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I'm so happy that it's finally stopped raining, and today looks like it's going to be a beautiful day. Being trapped inside the house with two high energy teens, and the rain is a hard combo. But, today looks like it will be a great day for walks, and maybe some yard soccer.

I listed an item on eBay yesterday, and we had leftovers for dinner. I also froze some items we weren't going to get through.

I have been absolutely refusing to leave the house for shopping. We were able to score a Costco same day delivery, but the items we could get were limited. I did pay the extra to have the delivery, but we are just making due with what we have. Once the next couple of weeks are over (there is a spike coming here and they are asking us to stay home) I can go and purchase fresh produce. My friends say that I am being paranoid, but I just feel like being safe is more important than shopping right now. Hope you continue to enjoy your warmer weather!

Hi Olga,

We are in for the duration now too. Everyone seems to have limits when you can get a pickup or delivery or they are out of stock. You are not paranoid. You are being very smart.

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