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Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all! I wish you all the blessings that go with this holiday. I know it doesn’t seem like the usual Easter with circumstances what they are. But try to enjoy it with your family that lives with you and make the best of it for your children. 

I will miss having grandchildren here and the Easter egg hunt that would have been. But we will have our own family celebration when we can all be together again.

We are planning on grilling filet mignon for dinner tonight. Having purchased a whole tenderloin last Fall when the price was $ 6.99 a lb. has allowed us to have this wonderful steak many times since. We are very blessed. 

I have been doing some more cleaning for spring. I have another 2 rooms done. Hubby hurt his back when we were washing the concrete floor in our basement. So he has been in too much pain to work on the carpeting. Hopefully, we will be able to get to it soon. 

I will be back with a longer blog post tomorrow. Enjoy your day!

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Hi AD, this is Chris. Happy Easter, a day late! We had a quiet day. For Easter dinner we had ham from the pig we recently got, sweet potatoes, asparagus, and I made some cucumber salad for hubby. We had some cookies I had taken out of the freezer for dessert. It was all yummy. We finished another 1000 piece puzzle yesterday also, it was a fun one.

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