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With So Much Stress Going On In The World Right Now, I Just Could Not Leave My Readers In Limbo

I will continue posting and we will see how the comments go. If you enjoy this blog feel free to read it. If not instead of leaving a nasty comment, go somewhere else. I have always had a community of readers whose welfare was my main goal. The others I could care less about.

That said, I hope you are all staying safe and healthy. Hubby and I have self quarantined for a couple of weeks now. It is so strange staying indoors except for going out in the yard for a few minutes each day that the weather permits.

Because we have a bit of food in the house, we see no need to go to the grocery store. I have gotten grocery delivery once to get some milk and fresh produce. I forgot onions but my wonderful young neighbors picked them up for me when they did their weekly shopping. They have told me they will be happy when they shop to get what we need. What a blessing! Other items we needed I got in an order from Target.

Being in the risk group for the coronavirus, we have been very careful not to go out around people. We stocked up on about 3 months worth of prescriptions so that we don’t have to go out for them.

Hubby and I had a trip planned to visit my granddaughter, son, and DIL in eastern NY two weeks ago but we cancelled. It broke my heart to have to do that but we could not take any chances of having to use public restrooms on the thruway. We did Skype with them today and we keep in touch online. I can’t wait until this virus is gone so that we can be with them. We so miss them.

My other son and his family are staying at home. They don’t want to take the chance of carrying the virus to us. I am thankful for that. My son does call and check on us almost every day. My grandson now has his own You Tube Channel so we can see him that way. They also plan on Skyping soon. I can’t wait until we can see them again.

It is a blessing that both of my sons and their wives are working from home. I pray for all of you who have been laid off from your jobs. It is a very tough time for so many.

I will be posting every day the frugal things that we  are doing. Not much else going on around here these days.

Please feel free to comment and let me know how it is going for you. Are you still working or working from home? Are you staying home every day? What are you doing for food? Using delivery or pickup? Are you supporting your local restaurants by ordering food for take out? Please stay healthy and safe.    

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Oh HOORAY! I have been checking back every few days to see if you would come back. THANK YOU!!! We are also staying isolated as much as possible. I have gone once to the market (we have been on "shelter in place" for just over 2 weeks now. People seem to be polite in the stores and I am thankful that our stores are limiting the number of people who can enter in order to be able to keep everyone at a safe distance. We are thankful that my husband can work from home. I have been helping my teens navigate online learning, which is frustrating and challenging, but at least they are home safe with us. The best thing I can do right now frugally is to not waste any food. I am so glad you are safe and willing to blog for all of us who learn from you and feel a sense of community with your blog. Be safe!

Hi my friend Olga,

You know me too well. I had no intention of coming back when I left. I have thought about it a few times over the past few weeks and said no I am not going to. But then I thought of all of you in this crisis and I had to come back and see how you all were and help where I can with frugality.

I am happy that all is well with you and that your husband and kids are safe. My granddaughter is on a regular schedule via her private school taking her classes online at home just like they were in school. Hours are the regular school day and she is loving it. I think my grandson is doing some things online with his school. I so agree with you on not wasting food. I take stock of what is in our fridge every day so that nothing goes bad.

Thanks for your kind words.

So glad you are back! And, if your troll is targeting boomers, please know that they are all over & a bot. I'm not a boomer, but get tons of nasty comments about how they wish I would die. I've read the verbatim same comment on other blogs, so it's not targeted at you, if it's the same nastiness. Please ignore, as the rest of us really enjoy your writing!

We are staying healthy, grateful for our work, and staying home. We're in one of the counties in California that has been sheltering in place for the longest so far. The kids are going stir crazy, but we are hanging in there.

We've definitely done takeout, supporting local businesses, buying online workout streaming classes, donating to the food banks, walking our elderly neighbor's dog, buying groceries, donating masks, etc. It feels like a drop in the bucket, though

Hi H.P.,

Thanks for your kindness. I am sure that your kids are feeling the same as most kids missing their routines and their friends. It's very hard on them.

That is so nice of you to walk their dog. There are so many nice young people like you who are helping out. I am sure your neighbors are very grateful.

I pray every night that this virus will go away soon or that they will find a cure.

Keep posting. Your blog is very helpful and informative. I did buy the Lysol laundry disinfectant. Great product for sheets and towels. Stay well. Barb in PA

Glad to see you back. My husband is retired so staying at home isn't hard. I have got shopping twice but just quick trips. Can't seem to get an open slot at Wal-Mart pickup. My daughter would go for me, I'll see how it goes.

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks. So glad that you and Hubby are safe at home. I have never been able to get a slot for pick up at Walmart either. My young neighbor went there yesterday and asked if I needed anything. I thanked them but I am good for now. My other neighbor is going today to Top's and asked if they could do some for me but we are good. I am blessed to live among such caring people.

So glad you are back as I have really missed reading.
My kids, nieces and nephews have grounded me and the aunts and uncles of my generation (I'm 68). They are doing shopping and picking up our meds for us. Miss seeing people though. My daughter did stop by today and we sat outside 6 feet apart. Temp was in the 40s so not really comfortable but I was so happy to sit and talk in person.
Take care,

Hi Susan,

Thanks for your kind words. I am so glad that you have family that can shop for you. It is scary at our "young ages" to think about going into a store and picking up that virus. I do miss people too. That is great that you and your daughter could chat! Taker care of yourself.

I'm so glad you are back! The state I'm in is under a stay at home order. My husband still goes to work as he's considered "essential". We've been trying to do our part in supporting our local restaurants (small town). So far we have been doing well eating most of our leftovers, although no produce goes to waste with a pet pig. I finished up our shopping this past Monday with a trip to Sam's Club. I have never seen it so empty, almost eerie. It was nice to find baby formula, diapers and toilet paper for my daughter. She is off work due to Covid-19. I told my husband that I'd like to see how long we can go without stepping into a store so I know how well I've done stocking up and where the holes are.

Thanks for your kindness. God Bless your husband and all of the essential workers. I will pray that he stays safe. Wow! I am surprised that a warehouse store would be that empty. It would be eerie. I find it eerie when our local news shows pictures of all the thruways here and there is barely a car on them but lots of trucks. We are eating from our stock ans seeing where the holes are too. We used up all of our taco sauce when Hubby made some chili. But it is not a necessity right now. Produce, eggs and milk is what I have to keep on top of. We have a good refrigerated creamer supply along with some shelf stable half and half too.

Thank you for coming back. I'm getting the same trolls on my blog so I just turned off comments completely. Ah! Peace & quiet!!
Don't let those trolls win. That's what they want: for us to shut down our blogs. Don't do it!

We have been staying home. No takeout meals. Hubby was medically retired from the Army last year and found disabled so he doesn't have to worry about work. I am immuno-compromised so I stay away from everyone as much as possible.Glad you are back! I enjoy your blog very much!!

Hi AD!

I'm so glad you're back writing again. I've been thinking about you and find myself wondering "what is AD up to and I would love to hear what she thinks about this pandemic right now"! I've been at home too since this whole thing started (Washington state) because I have a premature baby and is also in the high risk. It's my husband whose shopping for us for milk and produce (he shops late in the evening when it's not as busy). I'm so looking forward to reading your posts again. Stay safe AD!



I took a chance that maybe you had reconsidered about your closing your blog. Such a great feeling to see you posting again. Thank you.


Hi Dreamer. This is Wendy (debtfreedetermined). I was so sad when you went dark. I have followed you since 2009ish (on your other site). YOU helped me get my family out of debt at that time and YOU helped me build my stockpile that people have made fun of for over a decade now (who is laughing now). My husband was diagnosed with Leukemia (AML) in early January – was in ICU on life support and on cancer floor for 10 weeks. He is home now waiting for a bone marrow transplant. YOU are the part of my life that helped me stay normal; keep a routine; and be in a position to not have to worry about money (because you taught me to have an emergency fund).

Don't let the devil get to you. There are so many people that are grateful for you and appreciate what you do for us. Delete, delete, delete. We love you. Thank you for giving to us.

I would still love to reread your old "Precious" blog. I learned so much from it. 😉

Thank you for coming back. The world needs you right now.

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for your kindness. I am so sorry about your husband, I will pray that your husband gets his bone marrow transplant quickly.

I have been deleting the spam and will continue to do that.

Not knowing that I could keep the old blog I deleted it. Sorry.

God Bless you and your husband.

God works in many ways…I was perusing other blogs and a birdie said…"check on AD" lo and behold you are here! You, by far give the best advice for my stage of life at least. Anyway….I am still reporting to work although DH is not except for a small job (construction) here and there (lumber/hardware)is considered essential and I oversee 10 stores.
He has been doing all the shopping so I haven't been in a store in weeks (fine with me)
We rarely ate out before and we aren't now but I have supported local carpet cleaners and a landscaper as having him home means things an get done!
Quiet weekends with NO ERRANDS! Yes, please,
Again, very happy you are back I can spend the afternoon catching up with you.

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