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Grocery Shopping This Week

I needed a lot of things this week. This is what I purchased at Top’s:

2 Grated Cheddar Cheese – $ 2.50 ea.= $ 5.00
2 Mexican Blend Cheese – $ 2.50 ea = $ 5.00
5 Pace Salsa – $ 1.49 ea. wyb 5 = $ 7.45
2 Strawberries- B1G1F = $ 5.49
Deli Provolone Cheese – $ 3.70
Deli Turkey Breast – $ 8.18
2 Jello – $ .79 ea. =$ 1.58
4 – V8 juice – $2.49 ea. =$ 9.96
2 bags of Sweet Peppers – B1G1F – $ 3.99
1 lb. Jimmy Dean Bacon – $ 3.99 with Super Cpn.

Total was $ 54.34. I screwed up really bad here. I forgot that in order to get the discounted price on the V8, I had to buy 5. Then they would have been $1.99 each. I will be taking them back and doing it correctly to save myself $ .50 each.

Hubby was craving a sandwich and requested the cold cuts. This will get him through until I cook a turkey which I will do this week. We were totally out of these two cheeses so I stocked while they were on sale. 

This is what I purchased at Aldi. Due to a lot on my schedule today, I am showing the receipt today, since it is short. Total was $ 61.75.

Hubby wanted the pork butt, which was on sale to cook slowly to tenderize it. I have never ever cooked a pork butt before. We will see how it turns out. I am hoping to shred it and mix it with SF BBQ sauce. Then freeze it in portions. He also requested the pork sausage since he loves it with eggs for breakfast.

Hubby loves the chocolate Coconut Cashew Crisps for a snack. They are so popular at my Aldi that they are hard to find. When I find them today, I bought a bunch. I love a Caramel one once in a while, so I bought one for me. 

We were out of wings and shrimp and Aldi has the best prices in my area for them. The ground chicken is for lunches this week. I will be making burgers out of it.

We were all out of cocktail sauce which is how we eat our shrimp. The coffee is to hold Hubby until his Amazon subscribe and save order comes. The creamer and milk were necessities. 

So I spent a total of $ 116.09. But I have not spent  a lot prior this month.

Have you gotten any good deals this month? Please share with us.   

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You might want to freeze your shredded pork without sauce on it and sauce it fresh when you thaw and eat it. When I smoke pork butts and freeze we have learned that no sauce until thawed taste better.

We just went shopping last night to avoid the storm tomorrow.
God deals included:
Block cheeses (8oz) $2.25 (4)
Annie's Mac & Cheese $1.50 (2)
Whole pineapple .98 (1)
Roma Pizza $1.98 (2)
Almond milk (1/2 gal) $1.98 (1)
Frozen potato products $2.00 (4)
Oyster Crackers .98 (2)
Canned pears in juice $1.00 (4)
Canned veggies .57 (2)
Kiwi 5/$2.00 (5)
Total $32.00 (approx)
There were a few other things on the receipt that weren't on sale but needed so my total was $57.00 I haven't had a grocery total that low in a long time.
(Now the Sam's club total was a bit more at $150.00 but I got diapers for the grandbabies, a lot of produce, and cat food. It adds up. Without the diapers and the cat food, my total for people food was around $25.00)

Hi Kay,

Thanks for sharing. Those are some great prices especially on the pineapple, almond milk and kiwi. You have to love those low totals. Good job at Sam's too.

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