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A Little of This and a Little of That

You all know that I like to get my posts on this blog early. But today has been one of those days.

It started with a haircut appointment. Then it was off to our library to donate some books. You see with all of the organizing in the basement, I have cleaned out most of my frugality books among others. Many of the really good ones I am saving for my DIL to look at the next time they visit. I will let her pick any she wants. I also have many recent books that I think my son will love. Then I will donate the rest to the library. Any that are in excellent condition that they don’t have they will put on the shelves. The others will get sold at their book sale. It is the best way I know to help the library besides paying their annual tax that supports it. So a bag full of books that I decided neither my DIL nor son would read, I donated this morning. 

Then it was a stop at Aldi’s to pick up some things that Hubby decided he needed after I had already shopped yesterday. I also forgot to get ice cream for West’s birthday. Even though they are having a sleepover party for his friends and going on an outing to ice skate on his birthday, he loves to come here and get his gifts and perhaps a cake or cupcakes. This year it will be brownies frosted with chocolate frosting. Chocolate is his favorite. When we picked them up at the airport last Sunday, he was adamant that he had to come here one day for his birthday. I guess he likes his Grandma and Grandpa. I can’t believe he will be 10.

Hubby used up all of the
garlic last night and I used up the last Babybel. Hubby also decided he
wanted some Black Forest Ham to put on his salads and he said we needed
more Romaine. When I was by the freezer case to get the ice cream, they had the riced
cauliflower marked down so I got one. My total was $ 17.52.  

My last stop while I was out was for Scotties at Dollar Tree. Hubby informed me that he had opened the last box. So I stopped and got 15 boxes along with 3 small bags of Sugar Free candy for Hubby. They are a treat once in while. My total with tax was $19.44. The Scotties are the cheapest that I can get them anywhere here. Once in a while when there is a coupon and Top’s has a sale, I can get them for about $ .08 cheaper per box. But I only get one paper with the coupons. They will have that sale again this Sunday so I will get 3 because the coupon is $1./3. Does anyone get it cheaper? Would you share?

I have gotten 30 minutes in on the treadmill and the bike today as usual.

I am about to go out and read my electric and gas meter for my company. We are going to get major snow this weekend so I want to do it while I don’t have to mog through that to get to the meter. Then it is back down to the basement to continue organizing and purging. I have already gotten rid of 12 bags of things, some donated and some went into the trash.

The other thing I did this week besides the basement and my daily chores was that I cooked a 12 lb. turkey which we are about to have the third meal from. Tomorrow I will make turkey soup and whatever we don’t use or eat in the soup, will get portioned out and frozen for other meals. 

Other than West’s birthday celebration, it is a football playoff weekend. Yeah!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 

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Hi AD, this is Chris. I had a good week, it went fast. Last weekend was my birthday and we had the kids over for chicken tacos, fruit and red velvet cake. Our talented son made the cake again and it was so good. I will send you a picture of me with it after I am done writing here. I got my hair cut this week, it had been awhile, so was needing done. I had my granddaughter as usual on Thurs. and made some of the pork chops with stove top stuffing that my family likes for supper. I used a markdown pork roast that I cut up for the pork chops.

I wanted to answer your question about tissues. For the past several years I have been getting the Kleenex ones with lotion on a good sale at the back to school time in July/Aug. I have gotten them at Kroger, Meijer and Target. Sometimes the good deal is the single boxes and sometimes it is the multi packs. My target price is .69-.75/ box after promotion/coupons. I always stock up on 16-20 boxes and then don't have to worry about it.

Today I did a big grocery shop at Aldi, Meijer and Kroger cherry picking the deals. I picked up some of the things I like to buy at Aldi like the frozen broccoli, Greek yogurt, etc. Meijer was having the 10/10 sale this week so I got some of the things there I normally get like the frozen veggies, cream cheese, pretzels and baby carrots among others. One really good thing on the 10/10 was the little packages of fresh raspberries, that is the cheapest I have seen them here for a long time. Meijer was also having a Purina pet food promotion this week which was a decent deal, since I missed the recent one at Target. So I am stocked up now on kitty's wet food that I give her every day at lunch with her medicine in it. At Kroger I got some of the deals that were on the buy 6 items, get $3 off sale. I got some celestial seasonings tea, creamette pasta, cottage cheese, and other things that I can't remember, but were good deals for us. I went to the Kroger close to the Y again, instead of the one near my house. When I was at all 3 stores I checked to see their milk/egg prices and they are all similar. Today Kroger had the milk .10/gal cheaper. I will continue to stop at this Kroger to get the milk, since I have found their milk lasts longer usually than the other 2 stores.

Have a good weekend. I can't believe West is 10. Happy birthday to him. We are getting some of the winter weather this weekend also, but not as much as you are.

Hi Chris,

Happy Belated Birthday!I am looking forward to your e-mail. Yum on the pork chops!

Thanks for the tip about Target. I do have that store down in a town about 30 minutes from here. I wish we had a Kroger. I had Fry's in AZ which is a Kroger store. I loved it! Yeah on those raspberries. What a great price!

Thanks for West's birthday wishes.

Have a great weekend! I'm wrapping up some work & packing for my trip to Tokyo tomorrow. Basically, a lot of organization so my husband & the kids can get to where they need to be next week. There are a lot of kid activities & appointments, so my husband will be full on juggling!

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